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Masturbation and Sex – Good or Bad for Penis Enlargement?

In the Penis Enhancement community, everyone sooner or later asks the following questions: Will masturbation hinder my gains? Does masturbation affect penis growth? Is masturbation bad for penis enlargement? According to many surveys, the conclusion is that it does hinder gains, however there are also many users in the thundersplace forum that made huge gains…

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How To Get A Mushroom Head – Increase Glans Girth With This Exercise

In the following video I am going to show you an exercise that will help you get a mushroom head (girls go crazy for a glans shaped as a mushroom). The exercise is very similar to a ULI, with the difference that our grip will be closer to the glans to concentrate all that blood…

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How To Make Your Penis Thicker With Girth Blasters & The Best Penis Enhancement Routine

In this post I will show you the exact penis enhancement routine (for intermediate – advanced users) that made me gain around an inch in girth  I would follow a very simple routine that took me only 1 hour and a half of my time during a week. The routine consisted in doing super sets…

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Beginner’s Penis Enhancement Routine and Information

How Can I Make It Bigger: A Beginner’s Guide to Penis Enhancement Do you feel like sometimes you are not big enough? Occasionally, do you wish you were a few inches longer down there? Although some women say size does not matter, for guys, unfortunately, it does matter. Bigger size has long been perceived as…

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Ideal Penis Size For Women – Find Out The Perfect Size

I have had a lot sexual experiences with women, and you will be surprised to know that most of them are satisfied with an average or slightly above average penis size. So what is the average penis size? The average penis size in an erect state is 6 inches  lengthwise and 4.6 inches in girth. Most…

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