Why You Should Use a Cockring

Pretty soon after I became sexually active I started using a cockring and I’ve never looked back ever since. U can use a cockring for better sex. I can’t remember how I got the idea but nowadays I rarely if ever have sex without one and I always carry a ‘backup’ one in my wallet in case the night got real interesting if you know what I mean.

A lot of girls are surprised when I take it out and put it on and I know that Im one of the few using it. Such a shame because cockrings are AMAZING. They will help you stay ultra hard, last longer and be bigger (more blood constriction). I’m gonna cover all you need to know about the magic of a cockring in this article.

Introducing- One of the BEST Sex Tools IN THE WORLD

Maybe you use them on occasion, maybe you don’t. Cockrings are one of those precious gems that most of us know about but never actually use which is a shame. Rocco Siffredi, one of the most well known adult film stars and directors of modern time is actually known for using a cockring on a lot of occasions, and for good reason:

Using a cockring helps you:

1. Stay ultra hard.

2. Helps you last longer.

3. Intensifies your orgasm.

4. Make your unit bigger (temporarily).

The essence of this inexpensive little tool is simple: by putting one on you ensure that the blood in the chambers stays there- it restricts blood flow. Therefore, once the chambers of the swelling tissue within the penis are filled with blood and you put a cockring on the blood can’t go anywhere resulting in super hard erections.

Not only will your erections be a lot harder and easier to maintain they will also be bigger due to the fact that blood flow is cut off and the chambers, which will be filled with blood, expand due to external pressure caused by the cockring.

And yes- it does get better because your orgasms will be a lot more intense too because all smooth muscle tissues are tight and when this is the case the sensations are more intense too. As I said, it will also be a great tool for those who want to last longer, because it will be harder to ejaculate. The reason for this is twofold.

Once you see and feel that your hard as steel and your beloved organ is bigger than without the ring, most feelings of (performance) anxiety will fade away.

By constricting blood flow the effect of the pelvic contractions will be lessened, similar to a rock thrown in water causing circular wrinkles that slowly dissipate.

Look at a cockring as a ‘wall’ decreasing the effect of the upcoming pelvic contractions. Is it Safe to use? If you use a proper cockring that fits you just right and you don’t wear it for more than 25-30minutes at a time they are 100% SAFE to use. If you get so trapped in the moment that you take it off it won’t be a total disaster but make sure to keep it in mind because the internal pressure of the chambers (corpora cavernosa) will be pretty high.


Selecting a Good Cockring

Though there are hundreds, if not thousands of cockrings offered, only a couple are truly safe to use in my opinion and effective in achieving the effects mentioned above. Don’t go and randomly buy a cockring!!!!! Just like picking out a pair of jeans, you need to take a couple of factors into account if you want to find the perfect cockring-for you.

Essentially there are two types of cockrings:

  • Cockrings that are placed over the penis alone, at the base of the shaft.
  • Cockrings that are placed over the penis, as well as the scrotum (balls).

In all honesty, there is little to argue here. It’s all about personal preference. I’ve used the latter initially before I tried some of the ‘shaft’ types, which I liked even better because I felt my hardness was significantly better in comparison to the 2nd type of cockring. I recommend you experiment and get one of both before deciding permanently on which one will be your ultimate ‘wingman’.


There are different types of material you’ll find them in. Personally, I feel that only a couple really give the desired effect, are easy to use and are actually SAFE. Ill cover the types you’ll see dominate the market.

Material- Metal 

You often see cockrings that are made of some metal. Especially now that the whole 50shades of Grey erotic novel is picking up, marketers are targeting guys to ‘live up’ to the bondage element in the book, Christian Grey, offering a wide variety of ‘hardcore’ cockrings made out of metal. Don’t fall in this marketing trap.

Metal cockrings can be very dangerous because unless there is a ‘lock’ at the bottom (which most of them don’t have), it can be a disaster in case you stay hard for whatever reason and want to get it off- you simply won’t because the material can’t bend (obviously).

Word of Caution: Though it rarely if ever happens, if you do get fucked (figuratively speaking) and you have acute priapism (a medical condition in which all of the sudden you can’t get flaccid again) you are basically screwed if you are wearing a metal cockring. Not only will the penis get damaged if you don’t get flaccid again (which is why you should go to the hospital IMMEDIATELY if this ever happens) the damage will be beyond repair if you are wearing a metal one because the internal pressure is just too high for way to long. With a rubber one you can always cut it with a scissor if necessary.

Note: priapism is extremely rare and only happens like 1/100000 times so don’t worry. I just want you to be safe. Allergic reaction to the metal. Though this could also happen with leather or silicone based cockrings too, people are, generally speaking, more prone to allergic reactions caused by various types of metal. I wouldn’t be surprised if there have been some serious injuries due to these metals ones.

Price: 5/10

Effect: 8/10

Ease of Use: 6/10

Final Judgement: 6/10


Material- Leather 

Another type of material you often see is leather which also falls into the category of bondage/SM. They usually come with a belt-like buckle or a Velcro strip to adjust the grip. Though it is nice to be able to adjust the tightness of the ring, it is usually somewhat of a hassle to get them on and finally get the right intensity of ‘tightness’.

I don’t necessarily think they are a bad option, and if you like the ‘rough’ look, then by all means go for it. If you want a no-hassle deal however, I’d recommend silicone/rubber based cockrings though.

Price: 7/10

Effect: 7/10

Ease of Use: 6/10

Final Judgement: 7/10


Material- Silicone/Rubber 

The great quality of silicone/rubber based cockrings is that they are highly flexible and adjust to your size automatically because the material goes right back to its original size when stretched out. This makes it easier to use them in the heat of the moment and allows for a better fit.

Though it’s a personal preference I have to admit, I can’t recommend you enough to get a silicone cockring or two instead of a metal of leather one. They are also a lot cheaper than the metal and leather ones which is great because you can just order a couple and see which one fits the best.

Price: 10/10

Effect: 9/10

Ease of Use: 9/10

Final Judgement: 9/10


Usage & Selecting the Right Size

Place the cockring on your penis when semi erect around the base of your penis (or base & balls if you got that variant). As said before keep an eye on the time for obvious health considerations. Selecting the right size with a cockring is also a bit tricky.

You don’t want one that is too tight because that will cause pain after ten to fifteen minutes (especially when taking it off) and you don’t want one that is too loose because that won’t help you that much. Because of this I’ advise you to go around and look for some packages with different sizes, try them out and see which one is best for you.

As a general guideline:

  • If it hurts after wearing it for 5-10minutes –> its too tight.
  • If it hardly helps you get harder –> it’s too loose.

Also make sure to clean them afterwards with some warm water & soap or disinfection spray.


Reactions of Girls & Women

As I said before, I basically use them all the time (actually only got two because you don’t need more). Most women I hook up with don’t make a comment about it and probably love it because your just rock hard.

Sometimes they do seem surprised though and ask:” uh..whats that?” If this happens just tell her: “this is my wing man don’t worry” and get jiggy.

Initial reaction of girl: 5/10

Effect: 9/10

Satisfaction: 9/10

Final Judgement: 8/10 –>epic

The Best Part? They are CHEAP

Did I mention that they are fucking cheap? That’s right. Unless you get a metal of special leather one it will cost you like $20 bucks TOPS. It really is a no brainer. If you want to stay ultra hard, have a bigger penis, last longer, and have better orgasms, I can’t recommend a cockring enough. Real men use a cockring.

I recommend using the Bathmate cockrings they are the best, there are three different models (and just one size that is perfect for the majority of men). My favourite is the Spartan model. Click here to buy them

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