Understand that Women Dont Make Sense

Women don’t make sense

If there’s one thing I know about women … it is that I NEVER know about women!

Realizing this was something that helped me A LOT in my dating life. When I stopped trying to figure out why women did what they did, it just made everything SOOO much easier.

Don’t try to understand women

When I was younger, when I learned about the whole dating/pua community and read all those fucking theory books and stuff, I really really tried to understand women and understand their behavior. Why she sent those specific words, why she didn’t meet up, why she met up, why she kissed me, why she didn’t answer, why she acted that way etc etc.

It takes a lot of emotional energy and resources from you if you’re constantly trying to understand and figure out why she does what she does. And on top of that, you just fucking never know. Even though you might have a basic understanding of female behavior, you just can’t get their actions to make sense. Seriously, women don’t make sense. They are fucking random.

Male logic versus female emotions

As a man you have a very logical brain where every action and thought patterns are clearly connected to each other and makes sense. Everything is organized and systematic. But a female brain is mostly run by emotions instead of logic, and therefore her brain is more like 10.000 different thoughts and emotions flying around in one big mess, randomly without any clear logical connections.

If we are trying to understand women, we try to put their behavior into our logical thought pattern. But this is impossible.

A girls brain is like this:

Hot guy just texted me. Yay!
Now Im happy cause I got attention.
But the shirt I’m wearing makes me think of my ex-boyfriend.
Now Im sad. I wont reply to hot guy, cause I don’t want to get hurt again.
Wait a second, that smell reminds me of last summer.
Last summer was awesome, now Im horny.
“Hey hot guy, wanna meet later?”
Now Im tired, I don’t know why
Uuh that’s my favorite song on the radio, WOHOOOO NOT TIRED ANYMORE!!
I changed my mind, I don’t wanna fuck I just wanna dance.

They don’t make sense.

Your brain THINKS in another way than a woman’s brain. That’s why you shouldn’t try to understand her because you CANT. You CANT put yourself into her head, because you simply CANT think the same WAY a woman thinks.

Make everything easier

Forgetting to understand women just makes everything SO much easier because you don’t have to worry why she did it or why she did that or how you should act to make her feel a specific way because you cant predict anything anyways, so its just much easier to see what happens.

Just go with the flow, don’t try to understand why things happen, just let things happen.

If something good happens, enjoy it, if something bad happens, that’s how it is. But don’t try to understand why she didn’t meet up, why she didn’t reply, why she didn’t want to kiss.

It could be anything. A girl can flake on you because she suddenly sees a fucking butterfly on the read and somehow that makes her emotions go crazy. Don’t try to understand them, just do your thing, hit on them, talk to them, and do what you want. And the girls that will be receptive, be nice to you and sleep with you – enjoy that. The girls that don’t make sense or the girls that are not receptive and won’t give you what you want – stop trying to figure them out, because honestly you can’t.

I say that after having sex with girl number 139 today. I’m clueless too. Honestly, Im CLUELESS.

Even though it might be very intereting and cool to be able to understand women perfectly, its just an impossible task because we are led by logic and they are led by emotions.

Thanks to Chris and his screening

Something that really helped me stop trying to understand women was the “screening mentality”from Chris at goodlookingloser.

Screening mentality in short:

Instead of trying to make the girl like you, by doing the things you THINK she will like, you just act however you want to act. The girls that like you , that’s cool, the girls that don’t, you don’t worry about them.


All this will help you to think less and do more. As a wise young man once said… “Stop thinking, start doing”

The less time you spend trying to analyze a girl’s behavior the more time you can spend on hitting on girls and TAKING ACTION and ENJOYING WHATEVER HAPPENS.

Don’t try to understand them, because they don’t make sense.

Of course its good to have a basic understanding of girls’ sexual behavior and social dynamics and stuff like that, but don’t try to understand them completely because you can’t and never will.

So stop thinking, and get a lot of things done instead. Fight every day to improve your life, just like we all do. Sometimes its hard, sometimes its fun, sometimes its amazing, sometimes it sucks and you just want to give up. We all feel like that.

A common characteristic in successful people is that they DO things and take action, while the average losers sits at home thinking.

Whats your thoughts? Hit me up in the comments below and have a good day – without a lot of analyzing!

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