Top 10 Reasons Why SizeGenetics Is Safer And Better Than Penis Surgery

Although the penis enlargement market boasts a huge number of consumers and a wide range of products, mainstream doctors tend to stay away from this niche. The main reason behind this attitude is the lack of consistence regarding the effects of penis enlargement products. However, mainstream medicine has developed its own response to the growing demand for penis enlargement services and products: phalloplasty, or cosmetic penis enlargement surgery. Some professional surgeons are ready and willing to attempt the modification of penis size. But is surgery the best option?

Quite frankly, it’s not, a thing that many users found this at their own expense. It’s not even close to using a traction device in order to achieve the same results. Below you’ll find the top 10 reasons why the SizeGenetics penis enlargement system is far better than surgery.

1 – Surgery is irreversible. Once the surgeon takes the scalpel to your penis, there’s no going back. Whatever happens, happens and you are left to live with the outcome, whether good or bad. ‘But’, many surfers ask, ‘the outcome is almost always good, isn’t it?”

2 – Actually, it’s not. At best, surgery has mixed results. Some patients got the longer and thicker penises they had wanted, others got impotence and infections. As the saying goes: “You have to ask yourself: do I feel lucky?”

3 – Surgery leaves scars behind. Even the best surgeon would be hard pressed not to leave a scar where his scalpel has gone through your flesh and skin. We don’t think we have to remind you that scars are unsightly, especially in such a sensitive area. They also tend to inform your partners about your little trip to the doctor.

4 – Surgery can also damage tissues and nerves and can cause anything from loss of sensation to downright impotence. Aside from ugly scars, surgical addition of tissue to increase the penis girth means that you will experience a loss of sensation, which is a poor tradeoff. What’s the use of having a bigger penis if you can’t feel anything during sex?

5 – Surgery is expensive. The costs of penis enhancement through surgery runs into the thousands of dollars per intervention. And remember that increasing length and girth require two different interventions.

6 – SizeGenetics is safer. Sure, using a traction device for penis enlargement takes a lot longer than instant surgery. But you don’t have to fear impotence. You don’t have to forgo sex for a period waiting for your penis to recover. SizeGenetics does not get in the way of your sex life.

7 – SizeGenetics is fully under your control. The traction device is operated by nobody else but you. It is you who decide how much the penis is stretched and how long each stretching session should last. And you can take it off whenever it becomes uncomfortable.

8 – SizeGenetics is a full system. We’re not talking about a traction device, but about a full system designed to help you reach the penis size you’ve always wanted. It includes the amazing traction device from Andromedical, penis enlargement pills, semen booster pills and membership to a comprehensive penis health database.

9 – SizeGenetics comes with a mind blowing full money back guarantee. If, somehow, the results are not what you expected, you have one year at your disposal to claim a refund. This is our way of saying that we stand 100 percent behind our commitment to both quality penis enlargement and customer satisfaction.

10 – SizeGenetics is everything you want in one attractive package. No need to look elsewhere for penis enlargement solutions when you have four solutions into one package. Nothing could ever beat this offer. So you see why SizeGenetics is far better than surgery. Order your own SizeGenetics package today and you’ll become a better lover in no time at all.

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