The Best Tips On How To Add Girth To Your Penis

In this post I will share with you the most important principles to add girth to your penis.

1. Get a pump: Any man who is serious with his enhancement has got to have a pump. I only recommend the Bathmate. This pump has given me great girth gains, and even after a year, I am still learning on how to use it more effectively. You can check my review of the bathmate and my results by clicking here.

In the following video I explain the routine that brought me massive girth gains and I also explain the best way to use to the Bathmate

2. Exercise with a high erection: To get a massive expansion whether that it is inside a pump or doing the manual exercises, you have got to work with high erection levels. The whole thing of jelquing with a 75% of erection is an urban myth. If you jelq with a 75% erection and get an expansion of  25% (100%) you aren´t making any gains. But if you jelq with a 90% erection and get an expansion of  25% (115%) in due time, that extra 15% of expansion you got in your trainings will bring solid girth gains.

For many men (I am one of them) it is difficult to maintain a high level of erection while jelquing or using the Bathmate, that is why I use Cialis in very low doses or the Elite Manliness Natural Supplement.

3. Rest: A workout focused on girth is typically very intense. Giving your penis the rest it needs after a workout is very important. That is why I prefer working out three days per week (Mond – Wed – Frid) and leave a day off between them. Keep an eye on your Physiologic Indicators, they will reveal the intensity you should have in your work out, this way you will avoid overtraining and penis fatigue, counterproductive for girth gains.

4. Squash Jelq : This is the best exercise gor gaining girth, PERIOD. The standard jelq and squash jelq should be the bread and butter of your workout.

How To Perform The Squash Jelq: 

For the squash jelq what we first do is kegel some blood and then grab the base of our penis with an OK grip. Take out some blood from the glans by squeezing it. Then, with the second hand we push with an open palm against the glans, in the direction of where we have got placed the OK grip. And with the OK grip we push in the opposite direction (like we would be jelquing), this way we have a dual compression.

It would be like a compressing a can of coke. We maintain the compression for 20 – 30 seconds. Both hands are applying force during the compression. Once we finish we will have to recover our erection up to a 90 % to repeat the squash jelq.

5. Maintain the expansion : When you finish your workout, your penis will be temporarily in an engorged state (In the long term, this engorged state becomes permanent), if you are able to maintain the expansion as long as possible, those gains will come much faster. How can we achieve this? Very simple, a cock ring will help us to keep our penis in the expanded state we have achieved after our workout.

For this reason we only recommend the Bathmate Power Rings:

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