Texting Girls – The 10 Message Rule

Texting Girls – The 10 Message Rule

When texting, always try to set up a date, and never use more than 10 messages.

A LOT of guys don’t have a clue about how to text girls if they want to get laid. I was like this too. I didn’t have a clue. These were some of my thoughts back when I was younger:

  • How do I know when she is attracted enough?
  • How do I ask her to hang out via sms?
  • When is too soon or too late to ask her out?
  • What should I text her?
  • Will I ruin the moment if I am too forward?
  • LOL! I don’t even dare to be forward.
  • And so on…

When I was 17, after realizing that girls actually LIKE sex, and after some really good advice from REAL LIFE experienced players, I made up this 10-message-rule. It just came to my mind out of the blue. And it was seriously awesome. I swear every time a girl hit me up on facebook chat or text, the first thing that came to my mind was “the 10 message rule”!!!!

It was just about this period of my life where my results with women skyrocketed. This texting rule definitely played its part.

Important Mindset: She wants the cock

What I first want you to understand is that when a girl texts you, she does this for a reason. Everyone has a motivation for their actions. And when a girl texts you “hey” or “whats up” or “my mom is stupid” she has decided to do this for a reason. If you have done your best to look your best, work out and act masculine, she has categorized you as a sexual option. Why do you think she texts a guy she considers a sexual option? Because she is horny and interested in getting physical. If she wanted to small talk she would have texted the weak hipster guy she considers “emotional tampon”.

One thing is for sure. She has TONS of guys in her phone. She could have texted TONS of other guys.

Therefore, a good rule of thumb: When a girl texts YOU, it means she wants the dick. When girls text you, see it as a lead (sales term for interested customer). Whenever your little facebook chat pops up with a new message from a girl, you should basically think “YES, SHE WANTS TO FUCK, GAME OVER, NOW I ONLY NEED TO SET UP A DATE AND SEAL THE DEAL”

When a girl texts you, she wants to fuck you.

Unless you are:

  1. A weak hipster
  2. Her FRIEND
  3. Really good at math, and your classmate’s text is about a math equation.

The 10 Message Rule

What should you do when a girl wants the dick? I don’t think I even need to tell you.

Of course you should set up a date. And do is as FAST as possible, because as you might know, girl’s moods change a lot. You have to strike while the iron is hot.

One little trick has helped me A LOT to get dates with girls and helped me with my texting in general. I simply made a rule to myself, that whenever I texted girls, or whenever girls texted me, I HAD to ask her to hang out, and I could only use a maximum of TEN MESSAGES. Creative as I am, I called this the “10 message rule”. I know, Harvard degree right here.

Now I’m usually not a big fan of making a lot of “rules”. I recommend you just to go with the flow. But until you have had success with a lot of women, it is a good idea to have some guidelines that will guide you in the right direction. This is what the 10-message rule is for.

It’s very simple. Whenever you text a girl, or she texts you, you have to ask her to hang out. And you can only use up to 10 messages in the conversation. So you have to start the conversation, set up a date, agree on a day and time and end the conversation – in maximum 10 messages.

Example text conversation:

Hi cutie = 1
Hi 🙂
How are you doing? = 2
Im good, you?
Im good thx, eating pancakes hehe= 3
Aw that’s not fair, I love pancakes
Yeah they are awesome, especially with my secret recipe = 4
What is that??
I will show you! Whats your week like? = 5
Well im busy until Saturday
Ok so is Saturday or Sunday best? = 6
Sunday is best
Cool lets make pancakes Sunday at 3pm? = 7
Yeah okay, sounds good
Yup, looking forward to see you!:) = 8
You too!

If you can use less than 10 messages, that’s just fine. Actually, if you are just a little bit competitive, you will soon find yourself trying to beat your own records, haha.

Why The 10 Message Rule is AWESOME

By restricting yourself to only using 10 messages, you force yourself to get straight to the point. You cannot do a lot of unnecessary small talk and stupid texting shit. At the 3rd or 4th message you actually have to start mentioning that you want to hang out with her, because you also need a few messages to agree on a day and time, and to end the conversation. What I did at that time was, at message 3 or 4, I always mentioned something about “pancakes” or “ice cream”. 99% of the time, the girl will say something positive about it like “THAT’S NOT FAIR I LOVE ICE CREAM!!”. Then it’s pretty easy just to say “yeah me too, let’s have ice cream together soon” and find a day and time to hang out with her.

It really  helped me to get to the point, and to set up dates. SO many guys keep endlessly texting girls over and over, having crazy long conversations over text. Maybe they try to build a connection or build attraction over text, but it’s just a waste of time, because

  1. Texting is very impersonal compared to hanging out in real life. You don’t really build that much of a connection when texting.
  2. Girls HATE when guys keep texting them over and over without having the courage just to ask them out. Trust me they know why you text them, and they know you don’t really give a shit about their dead cat.

I really recommend you to incorporate the 10-message rule in your habits. It will definitely make everything much easier for you. Whats the worst thing that can happen? Even if she is not down to hang out, then you still didn’t waste a lot of time on her. You saved your OWN time and HER time. It makes you more effective, tells the girl that your straight to the point, and communicates your intent to her. Its perfect.


Promise yourself that you will try the 10-message rule out for at least the next 2 weeks. You have nothing to lose.

When texting girls, ALWAYS try to set up the date and limit yourself to 10 messages.

And when girls text you – clap your hands because you just got yourself a hot lead! Then close it. In less than 10 messages please.

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