How To Straighten A Curved Penis – Treatment For Peyronie´s Disease

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In this post I am going to show you how you straighten the curvature of your penis with an extender and the VLC tugger with the strap.

If you can´t afford them, they aint cheap, I have also shared in a video a technique you can do when performing the jelqing, it basically consists in doing a side jelq in the opposite direction of your curvature.

In that same video I have also shared another techinque which is very effective and basically consists in drawing an arch with your hands in the opposite direction of your curvature:

The techniques shared in this video will only work if you have a lateral curvature (right or left side)

In the following images and video I am going to share with you how to straighten your curvature or treat peyronie disease with a setup that will bring faster results.

Straighten Curved Penis – Treatment For Peyronie Disease With The Use Of An Extender

Lateral Curvature

If you have a curvature pointing through the left side, you will place the strap in the extender to draw a curvature in the opposite site.

You will do the same for the right side, but obviously drawing a curvature on the left side with the strap.

Downward Curvature aka Hook Curvature

If you have a curvature like a hook, which is how most cases of peyronie disease manifest.

You will place the strap below your penis in the exact point where the curvature draws the hook.

When you set it up this way, you will notice your penis will draw and upward curvature (the opposite curvature of the hook)

Set up of extender for a downward curvature

Upward Curvature aka Banana Curvature

If you have an upward curvature, like a banana, you will place the strap underneath your penis,  in the exact point where the curvature starts drawing an upward curvature.

This way you will be drawing an opposite a curvature facing downward (the opposite direction of your actual curvature)

I consider this curvature (if its not peyronie disease) to be very nice as it can hit the G-Spot in some sex positions as the missionary. Most girls also go crazy for the banana curvature.

Set up for upward curvature

In the following video you can see me setting up the strap for the 4 different curvatures (right, left, upward, downward):


Equipment I am using in the video:

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