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Sexual Innuendo – A good way to turn the conversation to sex talk

Sexual innuendo is AWESOME. It’s really good if you want to get laid, and it’s also just fun in general. I actually learned how to use sexual innuendo from my best friend PP, who I met back in 2011. He always seemed to use a lot of sexual jokes and sexual innuendo, and I was really inspired from this. Slowly I learned how to do it myself, and I saw how effective it was in getting laid, and how amusing it just was in general.

Sexual innuendo has definitely played a big part of how many girls I have slept with – and has also been very helpful every time I had MMF threesomes. It’s just such a perfect way to add sexuality and sexual tension to the interaction, in a natural non-creepy way. It communicates sex, and it communicates fun. Girls love sex and fun. In fact, everyone loves sex and fun.

Also, using sexual humor is a good way to SCREEN and sort out which girls are sexual/DTF and which girls are boring/asexual and will take way too much time to get laid with. If the girl doesn’t understand the sexual humor, she will probably not want to suck your dick anyways. But if the girl laugh and giggle from your sexual innuendo – you know you’re on your way to get laid. That’s why I’ve decided to write about it today – so you can benefit from it as well!

2 main types of Sexual Innuendo

I have two main ways of using sexual innuendo. The first is to say something obviously sexual, then take it back. The second is to say something that is NOT obviously sexual, but then take it back, and in this way reveal the sexuality.

Let me explain…


Something that is OBVIOUSLY sexual -> Then explaining that you meant it in another non-sexual way.

Example: “I like long hair, its good to have something to grab…” -> “I mean if for instance you are about to walk out in front of a car, then I can pull you back and save your life” 😉

This is the easy one. Say something obviously sexual, and then take it back before she can protest. This makes you able to say something sexual, but it doesn’t COUNT, and she can’t PROTEST, because you “take it back with a new explanation”. This also makes sexual innuendo completely “accepted” to use in groups – you are not creepy, you are “just kidding”.

By taking it back, there is also a chance that you actually confuse the girl a bit. Maybe she will wonder if you actually MEANT it in a sexual way or if it was just her own sexual mind that misinterpreted what you said. This is good. You can also try to blame her for having a sexual mind – and blame her for having dirty thoughts because she is with you! (blame her in an obviously joking way – you shouldn’t REALLY blame her for being sexual – after all, getting her to be sexual is exactly what you want, right?)

Body language, tonality and expression

As you can see, the sexual innuendo is divided into two parts. The sexual statement, and the “explanation”. The sexual statement should of course be said in a sexual way with a smirk or a wink. Because you are making it obvious that you mean it in a sexual way.

The “explanation” part can be said in different ways though.

  1. You can say it in a sexual way, with a smirk or a wink. Your words will be “I didn’t mean it in a sexual way” but your body will be the opposite. Your body will communicate: “I’m doing this on purpose, I’m a sexual guy, my words right now are outright bullshit and we both know that”
  2. You can say it in a neutral way, just like you would talk about the weather or your couch. This is nice because if you keep a cool face, it shows that you are good at controlling yourself and your emotions. The part 1 was obviously sexual, so the change from sexy to neutral face and expression is very fun and the girls love it.
  3. You can say it in an anti-sexual way, where you really try to convince the girl that you absolutely didn’t mean what you just said. This is fun because it is absurd – you just said something overtly sexual, and now you try to pull it back – obviously full of bullshit. Girls dig this too.


|Something that will not really be interpreted as sexual -> But then you explain that “I didn’t mean it in a sexual way”|

Example: “This ice cream is still a bit too hard… But I prefer it a bit too hard instead of a bit too soft.” -> “Ice cream, I mean!!!” 😉

This is even more fun one, but a bit more advanced and less common. This is when you say something that fits the conversation, and something that she doesn’t necessarily hear as anything sexual. But then you explain to her that “you didn’t mean it in a sexual way”, and this makes her think back to the last sentence again, and realize that it could be interpreted sexually. Whether or not she noticed at first, this will communicate to her that YOU have a very sexual mind that will interpret EVERYTHING POSSIBLE in a sexual way. It’s a pretty advanced kind of humor; it shows that you have quick wits.

Body language, tonality and expression

To make part 1 (HIDDEN SEXUAL STATEMENT) as “non-sexual/hidden” as possible, you might want to say it in a neutral way. But you can also say it in a sexual way.

Part 2 (TAKING IT BACK) can be said in three different ways:

  1. In a sexual way with a wink. Verbally you will say “I didn’t mean it in a sexual way” but your body will say: “I did this on purpose to make you think of sex”
  2. In a neutral way. If you said part 1 in a neutral way too, this combination might be a bit too serious/boring. Will work better if you said part 1 sexually, because then you will go from sexual to neutral, and this change will be fun. But saying both parts in a neutral way can definitely be fun – if the girl already understands your humor. You might want to use some other combinations first, to make her “understand” your jokes.
  3. In an anti-sexual way, where you really do your best to sound like you really didn’t mean it sexually, and you were ACTUALLY just talking about the hardness of the ice cream. This is fun too.

By the way… You should always have eye contact when you use sexual innuendo (and when you talk to people in general). This makes your communication much more powerful and fun. It also increases the sexual tension. Which you can furthermore increase by using pauses… Watch the video above to see me showing examples of exactly how to do all this.

Examples of sexual innuendo

  • Perfect that your kids are away, then we wont wake them up if we… -> play too loud music 😉
  • This bed is really soft… I actually prefer it when its harder… -> The bed, I mean 🙂
  • *Talking about working out* Yeah you would probably become pretty sore if we did it… -> I we worked out, I mean;-)
  • Yeah its awesome when you give yourself 100% and you just lay there afterwards, breathing heavy, dripping of sweat and totally sore… -> I mean after you work out!! 😉
  • You know what they say about guys with big feet, don’t you? 🙂 -> They wear big shoes 😉
  • Do you know what they say about short guys? … They have HUGE ..  -> eeeh.. hearts 😉
  • Do you know what they say about girls with small hands … They have really tight .. -> bracelets.. If you for instance want to try a bracelet from a small girl it will feel very tight on you.. 😉
  • Do you know what they say about (tall/low/medium/black/white/young/old/sporty) guys? They have (huge/big/gigantic) …  -> (hearts/shoes/brains/personalities/whatever)
  • Yeah I use my bed a lot… All night… -> For reading homework, for instance.. (this is especially great if you don’t go to school haha)
  • I’ll just put on some music so my roomie don’t hear us if we make noise… -> I mean if we .. yell and laugh for instance 🙂
  • *If you’re trying to set up a MMF threesome and you’re talking about your friend* Yeah my friend here… he has a REALLY REALLY BIG, eh… -> personality 😉

How to turn the conversation sexual

Ok, so sexual innuendo is cool, right. But how do we turn the conversation sexual so we can use it? A lot of guys worry about when it is the “right time” to say something. They wait for the perfect moment, and they wait for the conversation to lead up to what they want to say. This is very wrong and will lead to very slow results.

Don’t WAIT for the perfect moment. CREATE it.

It is really easy to turn the conversation in a direction where you can use your sexual innuendo. Just steer the conversation in a certain direction or to a certain topic, where you already know some sexual innuendo lines (that you can use over and over again every time you meet girls haha).

For instance, if you talk to a girl, you can just start talking about ice cream:
-> Random talk about ice cream
-> “It’s different how hard people like their ice cream… You know some people like it like soft ice, some like it when they have to use a fucking knife to cut it… What do you like”
-> “I don’t like it too soft. I like it harder”
-> “The ice cream I mean!!! ;-)”

Or you can start talking about travelling:
-> Random talk about travelling
-> “Yeah travelling is awesome because you are experiencing something completely new and also you are far away, so no one will ever know what you are doing, if you are doing something really really bad you don’t want anyone to know about”
-> I mean, like… if you steal an apple or something really really bad like that 😉

Or you can start talking about height/feet/hands (an easy way is just to compare the two of you:
-> Random talk about height/feet/hands
-> You know what they say about guys with big/small/medium feet, don’t you?
-> They wear big/small/medium shoes 😉

So sit down, and think. Which sexual innuendo do you want to talk about, and how do you steer the conversation in that direction? Feel free to use my examples as much as you want.

Here are some more examples of words and themes that can lead to sexual innuendo


  • Hard
  • Soft
  • Noise
  • Quiet
  • Bed
  • Sweet
  • Filled up
  • Sore
  • Sweaty
  • Alone
  • Breathing
  • Messy
  • Secrets
  • Wild
  • Boring
  • Adventure
  • Coming
  • Pleasure
  • Pain
  • Punished
  • Slaps
  • Juice
  • Bad girl
  • Good girl
  • Licking
  • Sucking
  • Drinking


  • If you haven’t already watched my video above, do it now. You will learn 100 times more when you actually SEE IT WITH YOUR EYES AND HEAR IT WITH YOUR EARS.
  • Then, practice reading my examples of sexual innuendo aloud for yourself. You can also practice by mirroring what I do in the video.
  • Choose ONE sexual innuendo that you really like and find funny. Write it down. Then write down what you can say before to turn the conversation in this direction. Practice saying both the “conversation-changer” and the sexual innuendo line itself. Then text 3 girls on facebook or on the phone, and in these conversations USE WHAT YOU HAVE LEARNED. Use the conversation-changer and use the sexual innuendo. You only learn by DOING things.

Sexual innuendo when texting is much easier, because you have good time to think of what exactly you want to say to steer the conversation in the direction you want (if you want to talk about ice cream, so that you can use the “hard/soft” sexual innuendo, for example).

If you want to text 10 girls that’s even better. Just promise me that you will spend the next 30 minutes to learn it by DOING it.

  • Practice using sexual innuendo over text as much as possible. Then start using it in real conversations.
  • Start looking out of “opportunities” to use sexual innuendo. Try interpreting as much as possible as sexual, just to get your brain used to “recognize” the sentences and words that can be used.

It might require a bit of conscious effort to begin with. It always does, when you want to learn something you are not used to doing. But after doing this for some time, you will start to automatically recognize opportunities for turning the conversation sexual. From then, it will be easy for you to turn the conversation sexual whenever you want. And trust me, this is a good ability to have 😉

I hope this post and video was helpful, and I am certain that it will help you to turn the conversation more sexual with girls in the future. Feel free to use and abuse them –

The sexual innuendo lines, I mean 😉

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