How To Have Sex With A New Girl For The First Time

Your first time with a new girl is always going to be the most exciting but because of that excitement it will also be the hardest to control your ejaculation.

Your gameplan shouldn’t be to put on your best performance but to put on a decent performance and last at least ten minutes. The key is not to put too much pressure on yourself because that will work against you.

You definitely want to do more foreplay when you’re with a girl for the first time. She will naturally be less immersed than a steady partner because her brain will be overactive from nerves. To relax her and get her immersed you need to use lots of physical contact. If she’s a shy girl getting her immersed the first time will be difficult. For the first few minutes she’ll be smiling nervously or will giggle with every subtle shift in position.

You’ll know when she starts to become immersed when she starts responding to your body on a physical level and looks at you with sexual hunger. Turning the lights down low is usually good for the first time and so is having some music on.

For the first time with a new girl don’t worry too much about making her orgasm. Many girls can’t get comfortable enough mentally to be able to orgasm with a stranger. Remember, she’s probably more nervous than you are.

If you put on a top-notch performance and she soaks your bed, awesome. But it’s definitely not a requirement to keep her. The key is just to make sure that you give her intensity, most guys are boring and lame in bed: women want to feel passion, intensity and emotional connection. These are the most important things to her when it comes to sex.

For the first time you generally want to get her on the bed, this will usually be your best performance. If you’re an experienced guy and the girl is up for it then you can maximize the excitement and bend her over the couch or slam her up against a wall but this usually isn’t a good idea for inexperienced guys.

Many times with first time sex women will be resistant to it at first. Usually it’s because they don’t want you to think they’re sluts. What you don’t want to do is try and pressure her or guilt her into sex. These emotions will kill the mood. You especially don’t want to use any force, because as we covered before, her consent is extremely important.

The best way to get her into it is by being patient and turning her on. Logic is not your weapon here. Of course, you should stop every time she moves your hand away, but you can always try again ten minutes later and see if you’re ready. Again, never with force. Your job as the man is to escalate towards sex: her job is to decide when she’s ready. Your goal should be to get her to a place where she’s horny enough that she’s ready to go.

Don’t get too fancy the first time, the key is good foreplay, passion and adjusting to each other’s style. With that said, after sex is a great time to debrief her on what makes her cum and use that on her in the future. The more knowledge you have about what turns her on the better your future performances will be. 

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