How To Have Rough Sex With a Woman

In my opinion, we live in a society that transmits romantic and sexual ideas that are very fucked up. The subliminal message we receive from the majority of media outlets is that a man must behave as a woman ass licker.

The message seems to be that men “must be some kind of hero/superstar that does amazing things” and that’s the reason why he gets pussy.

There’s a very high number of stories that go along the lines of a loser/orphan/poor man that brings up impressive powers/actions, saves the world or does something superhero-like, and as a consequence he gets the hot girl of the movie or whatever (Iron Man, Titanic, The Good Will Hunting, Gladiator, etc.)

What a whole bunch of crap.   A lot of women are influenced by this message too. Many seem to be waiting to be “conquered” by her prince charming riding his white horse. They expect to be impressed by men because they feel like a prize a man must earn through acts directed to her that demonstrate his value.   Nobody should make any effort to demonstrate their value to the opposite sex. Our real value is always perceived, no need to demonstrate it… unless you want to demonstrate you are not.   It’s healthy to make an effort to have actions and attitudes that bring us confidence and pride in ourselves… and take our sense of worth from them based on our own opinion and not on the opinion of others

It’s then when we won’t feel any need to “impress” anybody. We are already impressing ourselves. Our sense of worth comes from there.   What’s the result of the wrong message mentioned before?   Us, men, have grown up thinking that we are not enough to attract quality women and we must earn a woman through our impressive acts/life.   There’s an enormous pressure to demonstrate the feminine with whatever we can (body, money, clothes, intelligence…).   A gigantic universal stupidity that is utterly unattractive.   To feel proud of ourselves, confident, and that we are more than enough (and will keep being even better every day) is VERY attractive.

Women, specially the attractive ones, grow up with an endless feedback that communicates “You’re special”. And I’m talking about a “You’re special” that is unhealthy. Something similar to “You’re better than the rest because of your physical attractiveness”.   Now, not all attractive women live with this believe.   I just want to point out the feeling of “being a prize” based only on physical beauty that this provides to attractive women.

Things like:

  • Posting a picture on Facebook and having guys saying how beautiful and “special” she is.
  • Having a date and the man feeling “lucky” to be with such a girl (basing the quality of the girl only on her physical attractiveness).
  • Get in a bar/club and having men wanting to buy her drinks just because she’s beautiful.

Men with this attitude get only one thing: drunk/low quality girls and lots and lots of porn sessions.   I call out to all men:   Let’s cut this crap

Feminine Submission

In the romantic and sexual department, the masculine energy is of dominance and protection, and the feminine energy is a nurturing energy, an energy of submission. Both are an expression of love.   Romantic novels that women devour (Have you heard of 50 Shades of Grey?) do not have a leading weak man that begs the woman to have a date with him.   It’s more like a man with strength and a dangerous side, and she fervently desires to surrender at his arms.

Feminine submission should not be seen as something negative and nasty.   It’s completely the opposite.   This submission is feminine love in its purest state.   It comes from the confidence she feels towards the man and her desires to surrender to him. This doesn’t take any independence of her as a human being. It’s just a natural aspect of her feminine essence in the romantic and sexual realm.   It’s not like women exist to please men and men do whatever they feel like. No. Both men and women, in a romantic and/or sexual relationship, are there to please each other mutually. One does it through dominance and the other does it through submission.   Women go crazy for rough and dominant sex; combined with touches of connection, emotional intimacy, and protection.

Acts like commanding her in bed (instead of asking for permission), choke her, pull her hair, spank her in the ass (some girls like it in the face), tie her hands; these are things that the feminine will really enjoy.   Rough sex is the sweet middle point that you find between a harsh slap in the face and a kiss.

Rough sex is not the man saying absolutely everything that is to be done in bed and the woman accepting whatever and whenever even when she doesn’t enjoy that specific thing.   Rough sex is not disrespectful and abusive.   Rough sex is mutual consent and passion.   Rough sex is a cheeky wink and a smile to society’s not talked about subjects.

Rough sex is a free sensual expression of mutual consent to give and take power.   Though it may not seem like this to closed and critic minds, dominant sex is respect and equality.   It is worth to mention that not ALL girls will like exactly the same. T

To pay attention, observe carefully, and adjust the intensity based on the girl’s enjoyment is very important.   I love anal sex. When I have sex with a girl the first times I don’t usually bring this up. What I do is to observe, and when I feel it’s the right time (when there’s a little bit comfort between us) I see how she reacts when I softly stimulate her asshole with my finger. Her reaction or a simple “You like it?” will let me know if this is a part of dominant sex that she enjoys.

All different forms of dominant sex have their place, their correct form of doing them, and their gradual application

Please let’s set one thing very clear:


And they need you to combine intimacy and emotional connection in the ingredients list.

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