Proper Guide to Doing Kegels

If you have healthy PC muscles you will be able to last longer, stay hard easier and keep your erectile tissues healthy meaning you’ll have stronger morning wood, and will be able to please your lady friend a lot better. It might come as no surprise then that a lot of adult actors regularly do kegels: flexing the PC muscles. It’s funny- I’m actually doing them as I am writing this :-)

PC Muscles: What Are They?

The PC muscle (pubococcygeus muscle) is a muscle that supports the pelvic floor. It is attached to the pubic bone and runs through the pelvic floor all the way up to the tailbone (coccyx). Both men and women have them, and the main evolutionary function is supporting women during child birth, contracting right before orgasm, and controlling the flow of urine.

You can feel the muscle contract if you push down on the area between your balls and your penis when you stop the flow of urine. That’s where they are.

Effectiveness = Backed by Research

Numerous studies have shown that doing kegels regularly is super important to keep the pelvic muscle tissues healthy and strong. Having well developed pc muscles can actually PREVENT erectile problems later on in life.

So What Do The Studies Say?

Erectile Dysfunction & Kegels

In one study of 55 men older than 20 who had problems with getting hard (various forms of erectile dysfunction) were put on a program to develop strong pelvic floor muscles (PC muscles). The results? After 3 months 40% of the guys had FULLY REGAINED THEIR ERECTION QUALITY. About 1/3 of the guys noticed improvement and about ¼ didn’t notice anything

That’s still a good batting average: about 75% of you reading this will tremendously benefit from doing kegels on a regular basis that’s for sure. In fact, the researchers suggested that doing kegels would be the best approach for long term result (meaning a hard erections for LIFE) (Dorey et al, 2005)[1].

Premature Ejaculation & Kegels

What do you get when you recruit 18 young guys that have problems lasting longer and put them on a ‘pelvic floor rehabilitation’ program?

Guys that can go on all night.

After 15 sessions (which isn’t a lot to be honest) 60% of the guys had full control over their ejaculatory reflexes. Not too shabby.[2]

It’s not rocket science: you have a healthier body if you workout the muscles in your body, and doing kegels is just part of that. Kind of weird if you think about it: we do biceps curls and what not all the time, yet we completely ignore the single most important sex muscle. Let’s get started.
The Benefits of Doing Kegels

In essence, doing kegels (flexing the PC muscles) regularly has the following benefits (this is based on my own experience and that of studies):

  • Helps you last longer. (combine with edging for the best results)
  • Helps you stay hard.
  • Harder erections.
  • Make you ‘shoot’ cum instead of drip.
  • More intense orgasms.

Lasting Longer

As said before, studies have shown that working your pc muscles regularly by doing pelvic floor muscle exercises (kegels) you will be able to last a lot longer. This is because right before orgasm they start to contract involuntarily- so if you can stop that from happening, you can last MUCH LONGER (especially when you edge on a regular basis)

Staying Hard

Doing kegels means you engage in a process called hypertrophy (building muscle). You can literally BUILD the PC muscles just like any other muscle. This will help you get harder if you happen to go soft for whatever reason a lot quicker.

Harder Erections

If you do any form of penis enlargement, growing bigger means that you need to keep up with your gains doing kegels. Your bigger unit needs stronger pc muscles similarly to your body needing stronger arms if you want to bench more after you gained chest size.

Shooting Instead of Dripping

Though I myself have always been a ‘shooter’, a lot of you reading this will make a complete shift from being a ‘dribbler’ to a ‘shooter’. This is because as you learn to control the pc muscles you can also hold them, and thus, propel the semen out of the urethra with more speed so to say.

Better Orgasms

Because you have more control over your pelvic floor muscles you WILL enjoy orgasms that are much more intense. This is because you can hold them back repeatedly, until you are literally, on the brink of exploding with ecstasy. It’s insane how intense some of my orgasms were due to this.


My Experience with Kegels

I started doing kegels consistently about two years ago. Though I’m not sure where I read about doing kegels, I do remember that I thought it would be pretty cool to have complete control over my ability to last longer and for me that was more than enough to start going.


Basically I just flexed them for like a second and did that for hours on end. Initially I couldn’t even do 20, but I quickly worked up to 1000s of kegels, while I was watching TV, in the car, in class or having a boring dinner with my grandmother.


What I noticed after a couple of weeks was that I could shoot a lot faster & harder (literally 9-10feet).

After a month or two I could last a lot longer.


Now I pretty much have 100% control over my pc muscles and this is a great quality to have because it helps when it’s time to get jiggy because not only do I enjoy firmer erections, I can also last as long as I want and that’s a great skill to have.

Different Types of Kegels

Initially I thought that flexing the pc muscles was all there was to it. Then I found out that kegels are more than that.

Basically there are SIX different types of kegels:

Regular Kegels (‘stopping’ the flow urine)

  • Short kegels (flex for 1 second).
  • Long kegels (flex and hold for up to 30seconds).
  • Long-hard kegels (flex super hard and hold up to 30seconds).


Reverse Kegels (‘pushing’ the urine out)

  • Short reverse kegels (reverse flex for 1second.
  • Long reverse kegel (reverse flex for up to 30seconds).
  • Long hard reverse kegels (reverse flex super hard for 30sec+)

Trust me it sounds more complicated than it is. For beginners just doing short kegels and short reverse kegels will make a HUGE difference over time, However, as you develop stronger pelvic muscles you will need to increase intensity- that’s why you would progress to doing longer and harder (reverse) kegels.


You Can Do Them ANYWHERE

Like I said, you can do them anywhere. If you’re sitting anyways, just do some nifty multi-tasking. Just do give you some ideas:

  • When sitting behind a desk.
  • When you are edging.
  • When peeing (do reverse kegels actually).
  • When waiting for the movie to start in the cinema.
  • When you are stuck in traffic.
  • On a plane. On a bus. On a boat. On a spyplane.

You get the idea.

A Word on Reverse Kegels

You ALWAYS read about the importance of doing kegels. People read it and think, cool’ Im gonna do that’. But this is WRONG. You NEED to do REVERSE kegels too to balance the pc muscle development. If you only do regular kegels you make yourself more prone to cumming PREMATURELY.

I actually found that when I was edging, doing regular kegels right before reaching orgasm didn’t work. It only seemed to speed up the process. Starting to experiment, I found out that doing REVERSE kegels was KEY to LASTING LONGER.

How to Do Kegels Properly

Here is what you do:

  • If you want to last longer: do reverse kegels for 5-10seconds per kegel.
  • If you want to get/stay hard: do regular kegels (short 1second kegels).
  • If you want to shoot instead of drip: do one long-hard kegel and release.
  • If you want to have more intense orgasms: do long regular kegels & then do a reverse kegel.


Golden Tip:


If you want to last longer ASAP do the following: When you feel you are close to orgasm, take 3-5 deep breaths, and do a couple of reverse long kegels synchronous with the pace of breathing. I still do this to this day if I feel I’m close but don’t want to cum yet.

Recommendation: Kegel Exercising Program

As said before, developing strong PC muscles is just like working out any other muscle- minus the protein shakes I guess. It’s all about progressive resistance.

This is what I suggest:

Noobie program:

Start with doing 50 short regular kegels in a row every day. If you can’t do 50, do as many as you can until you are able to do 50. Then add 50kegels every week until you reach 200 a day.

So in week  you start doing 50 regular kegels (short ones) 4-5x a week. You add 50 to 100 regular  short (or longer ones) each week toe ach session. So in the 2nd week you would be doing 4-5 sessions consisting of 100 to 150 regular kegels. This builds up the strength within the pelvic floor muscles.
*Little tip: you don’t need to count, just keep track of the time the first couple of times you have a session.After you can easily do 250 regular kegels in a row a day you can advance to the intermediate program.

Intermediate program:

Once you’ve established basic pc muscle strength it’s time to add new kegel types and add reverse kegels to develop BALANCED pc muscles.

Basically what we do iswe go from short kegels (1sec) to long kegels (15-30sec) and add short reverse kegels. Make sure you do 1 reverse kegel in general for every 3 normal kegels/ So if you do 4flexes, one of them should be reverse.

A program would look something like this:

After the first 4-5weeks of the noobier program you would continue with increasing the regular short kegels. Then you would add:

25-50 long (20sec) regular kegels

10-25 short reverse kegels
*add as many short regular kegels as you want during the day (recommended). This is what I did I just followed this progression and just did a shitload of short regular kegels when I was travelling.

It might not seem like a lot but its crazy how much stronger your pc muscles will be after doing this for a couple of weeks. It won’t take up a lot of your time either and you can multi-task easily. You don’t need to follow the Beginner/Intermediate program to the tee, rather use it as a guideline. Add intensity & volume if it all just feels super easy to do.

Advanced program:

First focus on getting basic pc strength and combine the kegels with edging. If you’re really curious just ask me and I’ll send it to you. I will post it in a later article though!


Are you regularly working out your pc muscles? Let me know how doing them have helped you so far.


[1] Dorey, G. & Speakman, M.J. & Feneley, R.C.L., & Swinkels, A. & Dunn, C.D.R. (2005). Pelvic Floor Exercises For Erectile Dysfunction. Sexual Medicine. 96:4

[2] La Pera, G. & Nicastro, A. (1996). A new treatment for premature ejaculation: The rehabilitation of the pelvic. Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy. 22:1. 22-26

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