Why a Player Should Get a Girlfriend

The Importance of Sexual Experience

First off, I’m not the type of guy that complains, and I actually never spend time regretting the past, because I can’t change it anyways. If I could go back in time, there is one certain thing I would have done different though. This message is especially for guys with little or no sexual experience, because many of you do something terribly wrong – just like I did.

What I did wrong when I lost my virginity

I know I’m still young… But when I was YOUNG – 16 and a virgin, I wanted to become a player and fuck a lot of girls. A desire which is common between all young men –they want to be promiscuous and fuck around, which by the way is very understandable and natural, and I highly encourage you to pursue this if you want.

If you want to have sex with a lot of girls, the first thing to do is actually NOT to have sex with a lot of girls though. You can do that, if you want. That’s what I did. But if I had known what I do now, I would actually have started my career as a player with a relationship. Dafuq? Let me explain.

I did not keep the first many girls I fucked. I just ditched them after 1-2 times of sex and tried to find new pussy. Every time I got laid with a girl, I immediately ditched her to find a new one. I was 100% focused on “being a player” and “getting new notches”. At the time I thought I was doing good, and I thought I had everything figured out. But little did I know that I could actually have developed MUCH faster.

Why pursuing girls is actually counter-productive to becoming a player

What’s the problem with charging out and pursuing a ton of girls right away? The problem is, that this builds sexual experience very SLOWLY. Basically, if you do what I did, and ditch the girls right away, then you have to find a new girl for every single intercourse you want to have – getting a new girl takes a lot more effort and time than keeping the same girl and fucking her over and over.

But why does it matter how experienced you are in bed, if all you care about is getting new lays? Because if you have a decent amount of sexual experience, it is much MUCH MUUUUCH easier to get those new lays.

If instead I had started out by just fucking the same girl 5 times a week for 2 months, I would have built a solid amount of sexual experience very fast (8 weeks*5intercourses=40), and after this, I would have seduced new girls MUCH faster.

My constant struggle for new girls was thus actually counter-productive to itself.

I just wanted to be a player and fuck new girls, and I didn’t feel that I had time to fuck girls again more than once. But I KNOW, that I could have improved SO much faster, if the first thing I had done was to get a lot of sexual experience. My first girl wanted a relationship (most girls probably do) I ended it with her because I didn’t want to “lock myself out” from hitting on other girls. But to be completely honest with you, this was probably a mistake. I should have made her my girlfriend and made it a NUMBER ONE PRIORITY to get sexual experience. I should have entered a relationship and had sex with her 5-10 times per week for a couple of months.

Invest in your sexual experience, and get a 1000% ROI of new pussy

I should have paused my player-dream, and invested a couple of months to get sexual experience first, because if you don’t have sexual experience, you suck in bed. When you suck in bed, you are more insecure. For me, this caused problems with my dick (ED, PE) it caused awkward sex, and so on. If I had just spent TWO FUCKING MONTHS in some kind of relationship with a girl, and had a lot of sex with her, then everything from then on would have been SO much easier. I would have seduced much more girls, much more effectively, because I would have had the SEXUAL EXPERIENCE to do it. I would have been CONFIDENT in bed, I would have known that when I took a girl home I had something to offer her.

This is why I encourage you to build sexual experience before becoming a player. Chris from GLL recommends this too. Everything is SO much easier with sexual experience: Its so much easier to walk up to a girl and say hi to her if you know that you are actually decent in bed. Its SO much easier to invite a girl home if you know that you can give her a couple of squirting orgasms, lick her clit like a pro and last more than 1½ minute before you cum.

So what I would recommend you, if you want to fuck a lot of girls, is to actually get a girlfriend or a fuckbuddy first, and have sex with her AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE!!! Forget EVERYTHING about being a player and forget everything about other girls – for now. I know that it’s hard, and that the concept of “getting new girls” is very exciting. But set your player-dream on pause for 2 months, and I promise you it will be an investment that pays off tenfold! (1000% ROI if you want the financial terms)

N0#1 Priority: Get Sexual Experience

So – do yourself a favor if you are a virgin or inexperienced, and make it your NUMBER ONE PRIORITY to build a lot of sexual experience.  Just find one girl and fuck her as many times a day as you can. Practice everything. Practice how to finger her. How to fuck her. How to dirty talk. Practice practice practice. Build your sexual skills with her.

If you are lucky, she is more experienced than you – UTILIZE this opportunity to LEARN from her. Accept the fact that you are a noob, and tell her how to do things, tell her that you want to learn this whole sex thing, and make it something you do TOGETHER. Read a guide about sex together and experiment with stuff.

Build sexual experience first. Afterwards you can go out hunting for real.

With sexual experience you will get laid 10 times easier with new girls – ask me how I know…

1 month of preperation will save you 1 year of development.

Its kinda like… If you don’t have sexual experience, its like going out hunting with a really bad weak weapon. But if you DO have sexual experience, its like going out hunting with a fucking bazooka! SO much easier!

I hope this is gonna help a lot of people out there. One thing is certain – I wish that someone had told me this when I was young. So… learn from my mistake, and get some sexual experience as the first thing you do!!!

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