Phallosan Forte : Review Of One Of The Best Extenders

Most penis extenders are horribly uncomfortable.

The classic grip : strap across the glans, cuts the blood flow. You will have to remove it each 30-45 min to restore the blood flow.

So if you are cut, go for the Phallosan Forte, its one of the best devices for length.

However this device is super expensive, that is why we have brought you a generic version which is as good as the original one.

If you are uncut, you have two options:

Both options have pros and cons.

What I like about the Phallosan Forte is that it is more comfortable to sleep at night with it than the VLC, with an extender, or the strap that comes included with it.

You can also stretch from 4 different angles with the Phallosan: upwards left, upwards right, downward right, downward left…

With an extender there is just one direction you can stretch your penis: downwards

Stretching from different angles is very important if you want to make good length gains

However, the extender with the VLC offers an stretch that will be felt solely on the ligs and tunica, this is because the grip comes only from the glans, with the Phallosan you are stretching some penis skin as the grip comes from the sleeve which is attached to the whole shaft.

If besides gaining length you want to cure your peyronie disease, I would recommend the VLC + Extender, the setup we have shown here with the strap has drastically improved many cases.

If you just have a natural curve, both the Extender + VLC as well as the Phallosan will help you to correct it overtime.

In the following video I talk more about this:


If you are cut, go for the Phallosan Forte (original or our generic version)

If you are uncut and have peyronie disease, go for the VLC + Extender

If you are uncut with some natural cuvature and/or want to enlarge your penis, go for the VLC + Extender or Phallosan having in mind their Pros and Cons already mentioned

Introducing the Generic Version of The Phallosan Forte

Believe me when I say it is as good as the original one (and much cheaper, just $129)

In the following video I show you how does the Generic Phallosan Forte comes when you order it today:


Instructions of The Phallosan Forte

In the following video I show you how to use the Phallosan Forte (no nudity)

Instructions (NSFW)

I am going to show you how I personally wear the Phallosan Forte:


Buy It Now

You can buy the Generic Phallosan Forte HERE, use Coupon Code: FREEPHALLOSAN and you will get free shipping.

We are shipping the device from Asia, and you will receive it in 2-3 weeks

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