Penis Injuries

Penis Injuries

When trying to enlarge your penis through physical and mechanical means, you should understand that you are putting yourself at risk of penis injuries. Of course, there are ways to prevent such problems. Mostly, you should practice moderation, proper exercising techniques, right usage of penis enlargement devices, and be cautious in general. If you are too intense or are too carefree, expect that penis injuries will be all too common for you.

Here are some of the more common penis injuries that you may experience if you’re on a quest to make it longer and/or bigger:


Bruising can happen as a result of penis enlargement exercises; however, if you see small red spots on your penis, you are in for a painful day. In some serious cases of bruising, blood may form under your penis’ skin. The home remedy for such injuries is to drain the blood out by poking your penis using a sterile needle.

If you feel that your penis will be bruising, immediately give it a rest. Stop with the penis enlargement exercises until the skin becomes healthier. In case the bruises sting, you can relieve some of the pain by using hot wraps or soaking your penis in warm water. Other remedies to bruising are using Butcher’s Broom and Arnica.


Development of rashes on your penis can be a very common thing when doing penis enlargement exercises. However, you can reduce the appearance of rashes by using lubrication when you jelq, stretch, or milk, which are basically the same thing. If the rashes get too many or become worse, again, stop what you are doing. To relieve some of the stings caused by the rashes, you can use ointments and skin cream. In some cases, you can use Bag Balm or cocoa butter cream.

Strained Ligaments

This is another common injury that you will encounter. Basically, your penis ligament will start to tinge and become sore. The pain commonly starts at your penis’ base and it might extend to the pubic area and lower abdomen. Usually, it is caused by excessive stretching and hanging. When it happens to you, immediately stop! Damaging the strained ligament may lead to tearing. And when that happens, you will need to go under the knife.

Broken Penis

This is a rare injury, and this is something you should never wish would happen to you. This happens when your penis receives a severe trauma during erection, causing the tunica (the fleshy part of the penis just below the skin) to rupture. The severe trauma can be due to a super intense sex session or careless pumping and stretching. A broken penis is painful with bruising all around the crotch area. The treatment is typically surgery.

Peyronie’s Disease

This is another uncommon injury. Peyronie’s disease is when a lump, usually hard and called plaque, appears on the penis. The lump causes the penis to bend unnaturally. And when the penis is used during sex or exercise, intense pain follows. Surgery is often required to fix Peyronie’s. Penis exercises can also cure it; however, it can be difficult and painful to pull off.

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