How To Make A Woman Orgasm

Allow me to introduce you such a revolutionary secret that even Freud would fall off his chair:


There is a global epidemic affecting the minds of modern men thinking that his girl’s orgasm is his responsibility.   I was once infected by this terrible disease. But then an angel came one day and cured me. It was the angel of experience. Through a small circumstance, I found out that was a lie!

Dear Lord of all that is Good and Pure, what a relief!

You might be asking: “What the hell are you talking about?

Of course it is!”. Yes, to a degree. I’ll tell you the details:   Let me introduce you to Azahara.   Azahara was a girl I met in my early 20s. I pretty much lost my mind for her. You know that “loving” rapture that you have with the least appropriate person?

And you even know it? That’s what I did with Azahara. But it’s not my crazy juvenile experiences I want to share with you.   Azahara and me had amazing sex.   She was very sexual, just like me, and we understood each other sexually very well. Our sex sessions were full of passionate and nasty sex.   But one day… a little confession escaped from her mouth:

“I can never have an orgasm” – she said – “It always seems that I’m about to… but I never actually reach it”.

Bang! These are the little pearls experience gives you. It grants you extremely valuable knowledge.   Considering how incredible the sex was, the fact that she was not able to orgasm was the weirdest thing in the world. In this case I knew for certain that it was not my fault.   Was it possible that maybe there were other women that experienced something similar?

And if so, was it possible that these women did not communicate this to the man they had sex with?

I started to ask and investigate with other girls that could not have an orgasm and, definitely, the answer to both questions was “But of course!”

Women that cannot climax simply cannot have an orgasm that day. Maybe it’s because they feel nervous, maybe it’s because of alcohol or drug effect, maybe they didn’t sleep enough…   OR MAYBE IT’S BECAUSE THEY NEVER MASTURBATE   It’s very difficult for a woman that never masturbates to have an orgasm.   If she cannot satisfy herself, what kind of insanity is thinking that a man will be able to? Or even worse, what kind of dementia is thinking that her orgasm is his responsibility?   First, she has to know herself sexually. She has to feel comfortable in her own skin (sexually speaking). She has to discover how to let herself go.

She has to discover and know which parts of her tampon tunnel give her the most pleasure. She has to discover her G spot… before everybody else!   She needs to embrace her sexuality and know it well in order to share it with other men in a healthy way.

It is then when… Wait, because what I’m about to say is unheard of…   Ready??………….. GO!!!

She Helps the Man For Her To Have an Orgasm!  

Sex is a two persons’ act. You are involved and she is involved. It’s 50/50.   You provide enough stimulation and foreplay. She takes care mentally and physically to transition from sensation to pleasure, and then from pleasure to orgasm.   If, for example, you are not hitting the G spot perfectly, she, knowing her body sexually, can readjust it, put her legs in a better position, or bring your pelvis closer, so you can hit the G spot right where it needs to be hit.

I totally agree that the man is the captain of the sexual boat. But that doesn’t mean that the woman is like a wood block expecting you to do everything absolutely perfect.   I repeat: An orgasm (yours and hers) is a thing of two.

I totally understand that you as a man have a desire to give great orgasms to the woman/women you have sex with. I know it’s a deep desire in many men and something admirable. To please a woman in bed makes you feel good. It makes you feel confident. It makes you feel like a man.   And you will always achieve that goal with a woman that knows her body well and masturbates regularly in her life (1-3 times per week).   So please, do not blame yourself if she can’t reach an orgasm. Notice I didn’t say “If you can’t make her orgasm.”

Let’s stop feeling like a worthless piece of shit for something that is not our fault.   Girls that can’t orgasm know it.

It’s time to bid farewell to the fantasy of the man with an African elephant cock and mighty king-sized balls spreading massive amounts of semen being the only one able to pleasure women.

Your part of the “job” for her to reach orgasm is to be able to have an erect dick while fucking during at least 10-20 minutes, give her good foreplay to the point where she is really wet and feeling pleasure, and to be able to give her pleasure when you’re inside of her (any penis that moves decently and is not tiny can achieve this). End of story.

Note: If you feel your penis is too small to your liking (or you want to make it even bigger to provide more pleasure to women) and it cannot provide enough pleasure, I highly recommend the Bathmate.

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