How To Make Your Penis Thicker With Girth Blasters & The Best Penis Enhancement Routine

In this post I will show you the exact penis enhancement routine (for intermediate – advanced users) that made me gain around an inch in girth 

I would follow a very simple routine that took me only 1 hour and a half of my time during a week.

The routine consisted in doing super sets : 5 min of manual exercises followed by 5 min of pumping with the bathmate (1 super set), I would do a total of 3 super sets (30 minute in total)

I would only do this workout 3 days per week (Monday – Wednesday – Friday)

I think to make good girth gains you have got to have a rest between your sessions as quality of erection is a very important factor.

You won´t have a good quality of erection during your sessions if you are doing penis enhancement exercises 4 or more times per week (we are talking here about manual exercises and pumping).

And if you haven´t got a good quality of erection you won´t get a good expansion during your workout, which is very important if you want good gains.

Don´t forget also that you grow when you are resting 🙂

The manual exercises I would do were a combination of : ULI, Classic Jelqing & Girth Blasters

I would then pump with the Bathmate Hydromax Xtreme

After this session of manual exercises you can wear a cock ring for some time, this will allow you to heal in an extended state (SRT theory).


If you are interested in making length gains as well, what you can do on your rest days (Tuesday – Thursday – Saturday) is to wear an extender when you are around home.

I wear my Size Genetics with the VLC tugger (super comfortable for uncut guys) on my rest days for 2 or 3 hours with the maximum tension, and then I forget about it (maybe I will have to remove it after an hour or so if I am feeling a bit of numbness or soreness)

And that´s it.

This routine is super powerful and will give you great gains.

It´s super easy to do. So there are no excuses.

Happy Gains!!!!


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