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Edging means jerking off to the point of orgasm for as long as you can. If your usual session lasts 10 minutes, try and get that up to 20 minutes. Once you can make it 20 minutes try and make it 30 minutes. Work forward until you can jerk off at the point of orgasm for close to an hour. By doing this you’ll be able to tune into all the sensations that are happening around the point of orgasm and learn how to control them. I’ve been edging since I was a teenager and it’s had a massive impact on my sexual stamina and understanding of my body


Once you’ve mastered edging, you can start working on ejaculation control and multiple orgasms. The first time I heard about male multiple orgasms was in The Multi-Orgasmic Man about a decade ago and for the last five years I’ve been able to have them consistently.

Despite what you were taught in health class, orgasm and ejaculation are two completely different things. It’s actually possible for men to orgasm without ejaculating: these are called dry orgasms. We’re also capable of having multiple dry orgasms and circulating that orgasmic energy throughout our body.

Ejaculation is an automatic bodily function, but with conscious effort and awareness it can be controlled in the same way you can control a sneeze. Sex is designed by nature for procreating and nature uses your most potent energy to create a child. When you ejaculate you release a tremendous amount of energy in the form of sperm.

Unfortunately, consistently draining that energy has its price. The French call ejaculation “le petit mort” or the little death, because that’s exactly how it feels, like you died just a little bit. Ejaculation causes an increase in prolactin and a decrease in dopamine.

Prolactin is the chemical that causes the refractory time between orgasms, while dopamine is the body’s reward mechanism, the one that gives you an orgasmic high. That’s why every time you cum you go from this amazing high to this immediate low.

For many guys, including myself, the dopamine crash causes a low level depression. This lasts anywhere from a few hours to a few days, the length depends on how often you ejaculate.

When you ejaculate frequently you drain your body’s vital energy or chi. Think of your body like a car battery. By constantly ejaculating you’re constantly draining your battery without giving it a chance to recharge.

Taoists believe the ideal amount of ejaculation is none, and I would agree. It’s easier said than done but I believe you should aim to ejaculate as little as possible. The less you ejaculate the stronger you’ll feel.

If you don’t believe me, try ejaculating 3 times in a day then go to the gym and hit the weights. I bet you won’t even be able to do 90% of your max lift. What you should do instead is take that vital energy and circulate it through your body

I know the thought of circulating vital energy sounds like some hippie bullshit you’d hear on Oprah, but I promise you it isn’t. Once you’re aware of the energy you will literally be able to feel it move through your body.

When you orgasm without ejaculating two good things happen. One, you don’t lose energy and two, your prolactin doesn’t spike which means you have no refractory period. In fact after recycling your orgasmic energy you actually have more energy than when you started.

The first thing you need to do is set aside some time every day to practice. I don’t think it should be too hard to find the time to jerk off. A good time to practice is in the morning when you have the most sexual energy. Also any type of stimulant like caffeine or yohimbine will give you a boost in chi or sexual energy.

The next thing you want to do is find your pubococcygeus or pc muscle. Go to the washroom and stop the flow of urine midstream, that is your pc muscle at work. The pc muscle is the main muscle involved in your orgasm, and strengthening this will give you better control over your ejaculation. I would suggest doing kegels daily

I like to lie down to practice. I find it’s easier to control the energy that way. The energy is stronger when you sit up which makes it much easier to have an accidental ejaculation.

Masturbate and slowly bring yourself to the point of orgasm, you’ll find the energy is concentrated in three places, your prostate, your perineum and your pelvic floor, just above the base of your penis.

When you’re close to orgasm, slow everything down and inch your way towards the point of no return with baby steps. Once you’re close to cumming, gently contract your pc muscles.

At this time you’ll be feeling the energy from your perineum and pelvic floor trying to force its way up through your penis. You have to stop the energy before it gets into your dick. If you let the energy get past a quarter of the way up your dick it’s all over. You also don’t want to clench too tightly though and try and force yourself not to cum, that can be dangerous for your plumbing.

When done correctly you’ll feel your pc muscles flutter just like they do in an orgasm. You’ll feel an orgasm but the sensations won’t be as strong as an ejaculatory orgasm because your prostate, your most powerful pleasure center, will only be minimally involved. You can repeat this process until you can’t orgasm any more, this usually happens when your pc muscle exhausts itself.

Chances are, because you haven’t moved the energy away from your groin, you’ll feel a lot of energy in that area, which is completely normal. It will take you about three months to be able to do this consistently, by that I mean ejaculating only a few times a week. It will always be a constant battle not to ejaculate. You’ll get better as time goes on but you’ll always make some mistakes.

Once you’ve mastered dry orgasms it’s time to learn how to circulate that energy. The more energy that builds up in your groin the more your body wants to release it. Eventually that energy will flow out of your body in an ejaculation.

To stop that from happening, and to increase the pleasure of your dry orgasms you need to learn how to move that energy up your spine. When you become aware of this energy, you’ll find that most of it builds in your pelvic floor with a lesser amount in your perineum and prostate.

When you rub the head of your dick or the top of your shaft, that energy goes to your pelvic floor. You should aim to keep just enough energy in your pelvic floor to maintain an erection and no more. When you have too much energy in your pelvic floor you’ll accidentally ejaculate.

This is why you shouldn’t try to bring energy up the front channel: too much energy in your pelvic floor makes it too easy to have an accident. You also get more powerful orgasms by bringing the energy up the spine because you’re able to more strongly engage your prostate.

To get started, bring yourself to orgasm slowly like you did when you learned how to dry orgasm, except this time stretch out the process for at least 20 to 30 minutes building up a lot of energy. You can power up your energy faster by pulling your pelvic floor in towards your body and contracting your pc muscles lightly.

By the time you get close to orgasm your dick should be very hard. At this point you want to focus on bringing the energy up your back channel in small drips to get in the groove of energy movement. You’ll feel small shivers of energy run up your back. If you’re doing this correctly your cock should be getting softer.

Push yourself slowly to orgasm and contract your pc muscle. Once your pc muscle starts to flutter, lightly contract your sphincter in sync with your pc muscle. While you’re doing this you should consciously aim to bring that energy up the back channel. You should feel pressure gathering in your tailbone and at the base of your spine.

Contract your sphincter in the same rhythm with your pc muscle twitches and with each contraction aim to get that energy up your spine. To get the energy up your spine all you need to do is get the energy to reach your tailbone and it will automatically shoot up from there.

You really have to focus your mind on the pleasurable sensations in your prostate and slowly circle that energy inch by inch up to your tailbone. Once you get in the groove you’ll notice that you can just contract your sphincter and the energy will immediately shoot up your spine and into your head like a bolt of electricity.

When you notice too much energy building up in the pelvic floor you should try and lightly dissipate it by moving it up into your stomach and chest. It helps to use your hands to very lightly move the energy around. A nice side effect of this is that it feels really nice having warm tingling energy expand through your body.

You’ll know you’re drawing up the energy correctly when your dick starts to get less hard. Eventually you’ll have 10, 20, 30 orgasms until either your pc muscle wears out or all the energy is moved up.

You also have to remember to balance the pleasure of moving and expanding the energy up through the body with restraint. You’re always one false move away from ejaculating, it’s a very delicate balancing act.

Unfortunately using your mastery of your body is very hard to do during sex. I still haven’t mastered it completely. Because getting to the point of orgasm is so delicate: one tiny move of a Brazilian girl’s hips and it can all be over

What mastering this technique does during sex is give you a lot more awareness into your body. I promise you’ll never accidentally cum again because you’ll always know where the point of no return is.

Once you master this technique, you can have a near endless amount of full body orgasms

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A good way to practice is to put on some porn and try and last 20 minutes while thrusting consistently. If you’re a young guy you probably need to desensitize your dick to some extent to be able to last once you get the real thing.

I used this exact training routine back in the day to massively increase my stamina. Edging is great but the Fleshlight gives you real time simulation as well as allows you to strengthen your hip flexors and perfect your stroke at the same time.

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