How To Make Your Penis Bigger With Your Hands – Jelquing Technique

What Is Jelquing?

Thanks to the internet and the rise of sex blogs, this manual penis enlargement exercise has managed to stir widespread interest. After all, what guy wouldn’t want to increase the quality of his sexual experience, his confidence in bed, not to mention his overall physical appeal? The word jelq, which is said to have originated from the Middle East, translates to “milking” which makes a great deal of sense considering that the exercise resembles the act of milking a cow.

At first glance, the jelq may not look so different from masturbation. The guy simply forms an OK sign using his thumb and forefinger and with it, places pressure to his penis while performing upward strokes. Now, in case you’re wondering how jelquing is different from plain old jerking off, the answer is that jelquing can actually improve the size of your penis and the quality of your erections.


Yes. The jelq maneuver works by increasing the flow of blood towards the penis. With the increased internal pressure, controlled damage in the smooth muscles and the tissues is initiated. As natural healing and muscular regeneration takes place, growth inevitably occurs, resulting to added penile length and girth. So you see, the process is not really much different from working out at the gym. The best part is that the changes that occur are permanent. You’ve worked to build that new muscle and you get to keep it.

Overall results may differ from person to person, but when done correctly and with a proper jelquing routine, it’s possible to add up to several inches to your total penile length. More than that, jelquing assists in increasing a man’s tolerance and the penis’s strength, enabling him to have better control of his ejaculations. This means prolonged sessions in bed and the ability to provide pleasure to one’s partner for longer periods.

That said, it is important to note that jelquing is not a miraculous cure-all for sexual dysfunction. Overall, jelquing is a safe and natural technique that is used to enhance a man’s penile size and consequently, enhance the quality of his sex life. Improvements don’t occur overnight, either. While some men may experience positive results as early as the first couple of weeks, it may take a few months for the exercise to work on others.

A few of the factors that may influence the outcome include:

  • the frequency in which the exercise is performed,

  • the variety of exercises that you add into your routine,

  • the intake of supplements,

  • and your level of tolerance.

But Is It Safe?

That’s entirely up to you. As with exercising any part of the body, it is necessary to follow simple precautions while jelquing. These include:

  • performing warm-up exercises prior to jelquing,

  • paying attention to physical cues that may indicate pain, exhaustion, or injury,

  • avoiding excessive training,

  • and observing proper exercise techniques.

Same as with regular training at the gym, performing too many repetitions too quickly and exercising at an intensity too high for what you’re prepared for may lead to ineffectiveness of training and/or injury. The key is to learn how to listen to your body, to know when you should stop and when you should proceed.

Does Jelquing Have Any Side-Effects?

The most obvious and the most favorable side-effect of jelquing is the noticeable increase in penis size. During the first few weeks of performing the exercise, one may notice changes in the texture of the skin surrounding the penis. It may achieve a tougher, stretchier quality. Apart from that, you may also observe an enlargement of the blood veins. These changes are normal and necessary in making your penis look longer and wider. In time, you’ll notice that your erections are getting firmer.

Fantastic! But What About Negative Side-Effects?

As mentioned, jelquing is generally safe and natural. But as with any other form of physical exercise, when a person fails to observe proper technique and precautions, a number of things can go wrong.

  • The Doughnut Effect

Unfortunately, this side effect isn’t quite as nice as it sounds. When jelquing sessions are too intense or are done too long, fluid may be pushed towards and gather around the glans. This creates a ring that resembles, well, a doughnut. On an uncircumcised penis, the fluid may collect around the foreskin. This effect can be quite painful. However, it is only temporary and the fluid level will normally decrease after a few hours. The good news is that this side-effect can easily be avoided by observing proper pacing and by not training at a very high intensity before you are ready for it.

  • The Baseball Bat Effect

Sounds like fun but really, it isn’t. In this particular side-effect, the penis begins to resemble a baseball bat, that is, the head part of the penis looks huge beyond normal proportions. The good thing is that this side-effect can be prevented simply by observing proper jelquing. This means that you should jelq the whole penis and not just focus on the upper portion of the shaft. Jelq by beginning at the base of the pubis, and stop before reaching the penis’ head.

  • The Spotty Look

Once you’re jelquing on a regular basis, you may notice reddish spots or discolorations on the penis. Don’t freak out. The reason for the appearance of these tiny dots is the bursting of delicate capillaries. These spots are expected to go away within one to two days. In order to avoid this side-effect, make sure that you perform proper warm-up exercises prior to jelquing. Beginners should jelq gently. Avoid increasing intensity too rapidly. In short, take it easy, partner.

  • Stretch Marks

Stretch marks on the penis may appear, but can be avoided altogether by applying lubricants. Furthermore, the use of lubricants helps reduce friction, allowing you to get the most out of your jelquing exercise. There are various lubricants available in the market ranging from oil-based to water-based and from natural to synthetic. Each has its own pros and cons. Astroglide, for instance, offers the advantage of high viscosity and easy clean-up, but is pricier compared to its alternatives. Baby oils and bio oils help condition the skin but have low viscosity. Vaseline and baby oil gels are both highly viscous but are harder to clean up. Other choices include KY Jelly, Cocoa Butter Extract, Udder Cream, and Coconut Oil. Body soaps, shampoos and other similar scented lubricants can cause skin irritation and are best avoided. Ultimately, it is up to you to select which lubricant best suits your needs.

  • Other Effects

After a round of jelquing, one may expect to experience a sensation of fullness. This feeling is usually followed by the shriveling of the penis. When this happens, don’t be alarmed. It is a normal reaction to the strenuous activity and has no negative effects to the penis.

Ready to Do the Jelq?

Here’s an easy step-by step guide:


  • Do this by taking a warm shower.

  • Soak a clean towel in hot, not boiling, water. Be careful not to burn yourself.

  • Try to achieve a semi-erection by stroking yourself or by any other means.

  • Then, wrap the warm towel around your penis.

  • Allow your penis to be cocooned inside the towel for around five minutes.


  • Apply a sufficient amount of lubricant on your penis.

  • Increase your erection level from 50% to 70% by mild stroking. Note that jelquing must not be done with a full erection.

  • Ensure that the penis is relaxed so as to facilitate blood flow.

  • With your dominant hand, create an OK sign using your thumb and forefinger.

  • Begin at the base. The grip must be as close to the pubic bone as possible.

  • Then, applying mild pressure in the grip, gradually slide your hand up the corona of the glans.

  • Remember to stop directly before the head of the penis.

  • The movement must be done slowly, taking around a couple of seconds to 3 seconds. This maneuver should not be forced and one must stop if any significant discomfort is experienced.

  • Keep in mind that the right jelquing pressure is pain-free but at the same time, is able to efficiently push blood up your penis.

  • Then, with your other hand, follow and repeat the same process.

  • Continue repeating the movement with alternating hands for up to 50 times.

Video Showing The Jelquing Movement:



  • Warm-down exercises are just as important as your warm-up routine. These will help facilitate the healing of the muscles of the penis as well as to prevent injury or trauma.

  • Wrap your penis in a warm towel.

  • Keep it there for about five minutes.

  • Relax.

Best Jelquing Routine

The most ideal jelquing time runs for 20 minutes per day, for a minimum of 2 days per week and a maximum of five days a week.

For beginners, it is advisable to start with 2- 3 days per week. You can do the exercise every other day and then progress towards five days a week with a couple of days off. For safety’s sake, don’t attempt to go 7 days per week.

Warm Up – 5 minutes

Basic Jelq – 10 minutes

Warm Down – 5 minutes

Total time: 20 minutes

Adding Variety to Your Jelqs

In order for your jelquing routine to be more effective, it is necessary to switch things up. Throwing in more varieties into your routine also helps prevent the jelquing sessions from turning into some kind of monotonous chore. This aids in ensuring that you stick to the exercise, in case the general benefits aren’t motivation enough.

  • The Side Jelq

This jelquing technique is beneficial for men with curved penises. Jelquing against the curve can aid in fixing it. More than that, it is also great for those who are looking to achieve extra girth. This technique is also best suited for men who prefer a more intense jelq.

  • The Mini Jelq

This is another technique that is useful in correcting curved penises. That is because with this technique, you tend to jelq chiefly to one side of the penis. When doing the mini jelqs, make sure to perform the maneuver on the weaker side of your penis.

  • The V Jelq

This technique can be done by shaping a V with your point finger and your middle finger. Perform an upward jelquing movement, ensuring that your palm is facing towards you.

  • The One-handed Jelq

Jelquing exercises are normally done by alternating both hands. However, with the one-handed jelq, you use only your dominant hand. This exercise technique is not recommended for beginners.

Additional Jelquing Tips

  • When it comes to jelquing angles, the right angle depends greatly on which area of your penis you would like to stretch. That said, it is important to stretch the penis equally in all directions. Jelq upwards, downwards, towards the left, and towards the right. Note that stretching the ligaments in a downward motion helps increase the penis’ length.

  • For beginners, the ideal jelquing rate is 2-3 seconds per stroke. However, for those who wish to increase their jelquing intensity, one may gradually advance the stroke time to five seconds up to a maximum of 10 seconds.

  • As with normal bodybuilding workouts, muscular confusion may also be beneficial. Do this by performing swift, small jelqs that run from 1-2 seconds for every stroke.

  • Switch up the position of your grip. You may do this with your palms facing upwards, or downwards, or you may even rotate your grasp a little towards the sides. Doing so ensures uniform jelquing of the whole circumference of your penis.

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