How To Increase Penis Length Naturally – Tips To Enlarge Penile Length

If your main goal is to gain length, read carefully the following tips that will help you to maximize your results and will bring easily from 3 to 5 cm in a years time (Sorry, in Elite Manliness, we are not going to offer you “magic pills” or promise instant results (+ 2 inches in 1-3 months) so that we can convince you to click the “Buy Now” button)

These tips are based on my experience and research. I can proudly say that they have helped thousands of men to enlarge their penile length.

3 Tips To Enlarge Penile Length Naturally

-Stretch from different angles: Manual penis stretches are very important, they allow you to stretch from all these different and weird angles, as well as include bundled stretches, rotations…etc

If you want to learn more about these penis stretches click here

-Use an extender or Elite´s Penis Weight: Use an extender (we only recommend Size Genetics or Phalosan Forte) or Elite´s Penis Weight System.

Using an extender or our Penis weight just after the stretches will help you to maintain your penis in an enlongated state which you will have achieved with the stretches.

This is a principle of success very important: When you perform the manual stretches, your penis ligaments will be temporarily in an enlongated state. Over time, as your perform these exercises, this enlongated state will become permanent (you will get permanent gains). If you are able to maintain that enlongated state (which you achieve just after performing the stretches) as long as possible, you will gain quick inches.

You can achieve this by using and extender or by wearing the Elite´s Penis Weight System just after finishing the manual stretches

Manual Stretches + Extender or Elite´s Penis Weight System = Quick Inches

-Don´t forget to include girth exercises: Even though length maybe your main goal, you should never ignore girth exercises, such as jelquing. Length and Girth exercises work synergistically.

The TGC Theory says that if the smooth muscle of the penis is your limitation, you may have to focus 70% of your workout in girth exercises if you want to gain results in the length department.

To know more about this theory check out the following video:

Although I personally find the TGC theory to be a little bit too extreme (focusing 70% of your workout in girth or length depending on your limitation) if we can take anything from this, it would be that we should never ignore girth exercises, and at least introduce the basic ones such as jelquing and ULI´s.

Analogically speaking, the trunk of a tree can´t grow vertically without gaining width in the process and viceversa, it can not grow only in width or girth without vertically doing so in the process.

Therefore you should also include girth exercises in your routine. I have heard many cases of men that were stuck in their length gains, but as soon as they introduce more girth exercises (even though it wasn´t their main goal) they started to gain several inches.

Don´t forget these principles to enlarge your penile length naturally: Stretches from different angles. Wear an extender or Elite´s Penis Weight System just after performing them, and include girth exercises to create the synergy.

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  • Dee

    July 26, 2017

    Will a person get the desired result by rightly doing these exercises alone or there are other supplements or special food that must b taking. Thank you.

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