How to do on the date


What to do right when you meet her

Set the frame from the beginning

When you meet a girl, it is very important to set the frame from the beginning. The first 10 seconds will in my opinion affect the rest of the date a lot, and if done correctly, you can set a very romantic/sexual vibe that will make it possible to lay the girl much faster.

So when you meet her, give her a big smile, look happily/seductively in her eyes, and give her a biiig hug!The hug should be as long and as warm as possible. While you hug her, smell her hair (because it smells good and this will turn both you and her on, on a primal level).

If possible, when you “end” the hug, move your body 20-30 cm backwards, but let your arms slide down so they rest at her waist. SEE THE PICTURE TO THE RIGHT. This is a very romantic position, and if you can just stay in this position for at least a  few seconds, it is very good!  Just keep talking while standing like this, as it was the most natural thing in the world. It will make both of you feel like lovers.

Regardless if you succed in the “extended love hug” or not, the first thing you say should be “You look good” or “It is good to see you” or “You smell good” or a sexual/romantic compliment like that. If she has just 1% social sense, she will say “Thanks you too”

See what we did here?

We just made you and the girl hug and hold each other like lovers, and give each others sexual verbal indicators of interest. A pretty good start huh? This romantic frame will make sure the girl feels attraction from the very start, and that she starts seeing you as a potential lover ASAP.

How to get her back to your place

Now, you cant hug her forever.. So after the hug and the 10 seconds to 1 minute of small talk, begin walking in the direction of your place, while small talking. A good way to start small talk is asking her “how has your day been?” / “what have you been up to today?”

You can talk about whatever you want, the most important thing is that you keep the vibe between you in a good mood and that you occupy her logical brain from worrying about where she is going. If she asks you where you are going, DONT tell her explicitly.

If you tell her “we are going to my place” her logical brain will begin to think “this is a bad idea, already going to his place, here I have the risk of being fucked like a slut, I dont want to feel like a slut, I probably shouldnt do this, blablabla”

So just answer her indirectly. For instance, if its cold outside, I will say: “We are going inside where its warm, away from this cold windy shit!” You can also say “We are going inside to get some warm tea or coffe doesnt that sound good?” She cant say nothing but “sounds good!”

If its warm outside, I will say “We are going inside to cool down and have something cold and nice to drink”. Again, the girl can only hear and react to this in a good way.

If she keeps asking, keep answering indirectly. Tell her “it is a surprise” or “its just around the corner from here” or “I will show you in two minutes” etc etc. You get the point.

So, 5 seconds before you are in front of your place, take out your keys, so that you can get her inside AS FAST AS POSSIBLE. Just tell her “here it is”, open the door and walk inside and lead her inside too.

Just ASSUME that everything is allright.
Act like you both have already agreed on everything.
Act like she already knew she was going to your place.
LEAD HER. She will follow.

How to prepare for the kiss at your place

  • When you get inside, tell her “welcome inside.”
  • Show her around your place so she will feel more at home. Show her where she can put her jacket and tell her to take her shoes off. Trust me, you dont want her to walk around in her shoes inside. It is hard to get a girl to lay on your bed, because she worries about her dirty shoes. And it is hard to get her clothess and pants off when she wears shoes. I know its pretty obvious but it is important though.
  • Ask her if she would like something to drink. Tea, coffee, water, beer, whatever. They mostly want water or tea/coffee. Make one cup for her and one cup for you.
  • Take BOTH cups and sit on your bed (or couch, but preferrably bed). This is really smart because YOU HAVE THE CUPS!!! She has to sit on the bed with you!!! Hahaha!!!
  • When she sits down, give her the cup and start small talking. While you small talk, you of course want to look at her with the sexy eyes and touch her when it feels natural (punching her arm when you are teasing each other, grabbing her arm or thigh to emphazise a point, slapping her thigh/butt when she says something bad/naughty.

How to get the kiss

Within the first 10 minutes on the bed, give her a “statement of interest” like for instance:
“You are really cute” or “Why are you so hot” or “You smell really good today” or “You look fucking good today”
This is important, to communicate your sexual intent to her.

Within the first 30 minutes, look at her lips, smile, bite your lip and then kiss her.
If she turns her cheek or says “no”, smile, tell her “no problem” and continue small talking like nothing was happened.

Try again after 5-20 minutes. If she turns her cheek you can keep small talking with her, and try again as many times as you want.

As soon as you kiss her, follow this post about how to escalate from kiss to sex.

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