How To Be Dominant In Bed

How To Be Dominant In Bed

Basic guide on being DOMINANT – the single most important thing in sex.

Man and woman…

Dominance and submission…

Giving and taking…

Yang and Yin…

Masculinity and femininity…

Aggressive and passive…

When all comes to all, all sex is basically based on dominance and submission. A male energy and a female energy. Therefore it is SUPER important to know how to use dominance in the bedroom. It is the nature of a man to be dominant, and the nature of a woman to be submissive. Therefore, a dominant man is a huge turn on for a woman. And on top of that, most men also get really turned on from being dominant.

Lasting long and being able to give her a ton of mindblowing orgasms is really good.And speaking from extensive experience and research on the “inside” of a lot of women, those things will also make the women much more attracted to you, and make your sex life 100 times more exciting. But nothing really works and nothing REALLY blows her mind if you don’t know how to be DOMINANT.

I’m not saying you need to be extremely dominating, tie her up and beat her to bruises, even though some girls are definitely into that. All I’m saying is that you can NOT satisfy a woman completely if you don’t show a bit of dominance and masculinity, so that she can submit and connect to her feminine sexuality.

That is why I have decided to share some basic dominance tips with you. No crazy S/M or BDMS stuff, just basic tips for everyone to use in the bedroom. The dominance tips are separated into 4 parts:

  • Verbal dominance.
  • Physical dominance.
  • Mental dominance.
  • Punishment/reward.

Verbal Dominance

AKA Dominant Things To SAY With Your Mouth

Verbal dominance is great. When you say something, the girl don’t need to answer, but I like to make my girls reply to me instead of being ignored. By asking certain questions, you can also make her say the things you want her to say. This is dominating in itself, because you lead her and tell her what to do. But this way you can also say specific things that lead her to give a submissive answer. And you can make her say what you want.

Tell her what to do:

“Bend over for me”
“Grab my back baby”
“Kiss me down my neck and body”
“Suck my dick”
“Take it all the way down your throat for me”
“Show me how much you can turn me on”

Tell her what to say:

“Tell me how good my dick feels inside you”
“Tell me how much you love it when I fuck you”
“Tell me to fuck you harder”
“Tell me to slap your ass”
“Talk dirty to me baby”
“Tell me how much you want me cum”
“Moan for me baby”
“Say YES when I tell you to do something”
“Beg me to fuck you harder”
“Tell me you love my dick”

Tell her what you think or want to do:

“I fucking love to fuck you”
“I’m going to fuck you so hard”
“I’ll take you just like I want, and there’s nothing you can do about it”
“I’m gonna cum all over your face baby”


Physical Dominance

AKA Dominant Things To DO With Your Body

Dominating her physically is very important too. You are a man, show your power and show her that you are the one that are physically superior.

Grab her hair, neck, throat, shoulder, wrists, head, tits, whatever

  • Pin wrist over head or behind back so she cant move.
  • Lead her hands to your body, for instance, take her hand and put it on your dick
  • Lead her head to your body, pull her head towards your dick or wherever you want.
  • Make her touch you and move the way you want by leading her with your hands. For instance, when she sucks your dick, put your hand on the back of her head and guide her to how fast and deep to suck you.
  • Smack her butt or her thighs.
  • Smack her face lightly (if she digs submission a lot).
  • Push her head down against the bed.
  • Push her body down against the bed.
  • Throw her around, also when you want to change positions.


Mental Dominance

AKA Dominant Things To THINK With Your Brain

A mental state of dominance is probably the most important thing to have, since your mental state will affect your physical and verbal actions.

Here are a lot of examples of thoughts from a dominant mindset:

“I’m a real man and I like to dominate and lead”
“I like being in control”
“The girl is my dirty little girl”
“I love to be the leader”
“I do whatever I want”
“I use and abuse her just for my pleasure”
“She’s my sex toy”
“She does what I want her to do”
“She wants to do anything to please me”



A part of a dominant mental state is also to know what you stand for, know what you like and what you don’t like. This leads me to a very important thing in dominance and sex in general: punishment/reward.

If she does something you don’t like, punish her by decreasing physical or verbal pleasure. If she does something you like, encourage this behavior by increasing physical or verbal pleasure.

Examples of punishment:

  • Tell her to do something else.
  • Decrease your touching.
  • Tell her you don’t like that.

Examples of reward

  • Tell her you really like that.
  • Touch her more when she does it.
  • Kiss her.
  • Give her a compliment.


Some girls who are even more into submission than usual, will like when you punish them with slaps, choking, scratching, verbal abusing, spitting, tying up and other forms of verbal and physical pain.

Great sexual skills are also dominant in themselves, because you possess a power over her. You possess the power to give her orgasms and thrilling sexual experiences. If you decide to.



You learn much more from DOING than from READING. Therefore, I want you to implement what you have read. I want you to try it out. Right now.

Uh what? Yeah, right now.

Take 5 minutes for yourself, where you lie down somewhere and close your eyes. Now start fantasizing that you’re with a girl. And in your fantasy, I want you to USE those different ways of dominance: verbal, physical and mental. I also want you to imagine how you would use punishment if she does something you like, and rewards when she does something you don’t like.

Next step is of course to use those dominance tips next time you have sex with a girl. It will be much easier if you have “practiced” them in your fantasies first.

You should also start talking with girls about sexual stuff like this. Especially when you pillow-talk right after sex. Talk about dominance and submission. Ask her about it, ask her what turns her on and what she thinks. You will learn SO much from talking to women after sex. That’s how I learned it too.

Besides that, I want to mention that you shouldn’t only be a real man in the bedroom – the dominance mentalities also apply outside of the bedroom. Don’t be a fucking pussy.

Nowadays a lot of men are brought up to be huge fucking pussies. I was too. Therefore, it might take a bit of hard work to change your thought patterns and mentality from “nice sweet provider guy” to “real man who does what he want”. This is not to be covered in this post though.

Remember, that when you act dominant you’re doing both yourself and the girl a favor. So start being more dominant, make the world a better place, spread some love and some masculine energy.


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