Get Laid With The Business Model

Seduction and getting laid is just like sales and business.

Understanding this is more important than you might think – I see SOO many guys that struggle in their dating life, who could easily improve their results with women TREMENDOUSLY if they just realized what I am about to tell you.

Seriously. This is an important post. Read it!

Why getting laid is a BUSINESS

Seduction is like sales and business. It contains the same elements:

Product: When you want to get laid, you basically run a business with a product you are trying to sell. This product is YOURSELF. It is, your looks, how cool your personality is, the clothes your wearing, how good you are in bed, how ripped your body is, everything you have to offer. YOU are your product.

Marketing: marketing is how you promote your product and present it to the customers. Marketing is when you go out and talk to girls, you present the product and try to sell it. Marketing is also social status and reputation. Just like you are more eager to buy from a real popular brand with good reviews, girls are also more eager to fuck a real popular guy with good reputation/reviews.

Customers: Your customers are the people you want to sell to. Your customers are the girls, obviously. Just as in a real business, you can separate your customers into different categories. Some are good customers, some are bad customers, some want to buy (fuck) and some don’t. Some creates a TOOON of drama and bullshit before buying, while others are a pleasure to deal with.

Sales: Sales is a fundamental part of the getting-laid business. You sell your product, by marketing it to the customers. To sell your product (a nice sexual experience with you) you will talk to her, hit on her, touch her, and take her home and CLOSE THE DEAL aka make her buy your product aka make her take your hard dick deep inside her.

Allright, now you have an idea of what I’m gonna tell you. Let’s go through each point in more detail, and afterwards discuss exactly how you can use this “business model” to improve your dating life.


The “product” aspect is VERY important. This is where a LOT of guys fuck up. You have to realize, that when you go out and want to get laid, you are basically trying to sell a product. Therefore, you MUST make this product as attractive as possible. Nobody wants to buy a shitty car, so why would they want to buy a shitty you?

Therefore, improve your looks as much as possible, wear some cool clothes, work out, get a tan, have an interesting personality: have some content in your life, have some passions, make money, build a social status, have courage and balls. All that stuff. Your product is REALLLYYYY important.

Lets say you had a shitty product. Even if you would go out and market it like crazy (talk to sooooo many girls) But your product is shit so nobody wants to buy and you will get rejected all the time.

In real business, you prepare and optimize your product before you market it everywhere. So optimize your product, and THEN market it. I’m not saying you should wait until you are a superstar before you are trying to get laid, definitely not, but if you are overweight, have fucking ugly clothing or are really socially awkward, then work to fix your fundamentals first: Work out, get a decent personality and some cool clothes, and THEN increase your marketing efforts afterwards.


When your product is optimized, marketing is SOOO much easier and more efficient. You wont have to go our many hours a day or go out in the nightlife 3 times per week just to get laid. When you have a great product, the customers will come themselves. They will ASK for your product – because its attractive. Just like when I walk down the street – girls will give me eye contact, which is basically a customer that says “hey, your product looks interesting, please come and present it to me”. So yeah, marketing is SOO much easier when you create your product first.


In business, there’s a LOT of different customers. And in our world full of girls who all deep down has a ton of sexual desires, there’s also a LOT of different girls. When you do business, the good old Pareto’s 80/20 rule applies. 20% of your customers give you 80% of all the mess and bullshit. Those are the customers that complain, that are hard to sell to and you spend SOO much time dealing with, just to get a little money. There’s also the 20% of customers that give you 80% of your income, who are a pleasure to deal with, and just buys again and again. It’s the same with girls. Some girls are just fucked up. Sorry to say, but that’s the truth. They have some issues about sex, they have some issues about being a normal kind human being who are grateful when you hit on them. There’s a TON of girls that are emotional wrecks with HUGE attitudes and annoying rude/weird behavior. Its up to you if you want to spend time with them – I’ve definitely spent a lot of time with those kind of girls, just to fuck them.

But at some point, when you get busy with other interests as well, you may feel that your life is too short for putting up with their bullshit. This is when you get a “sense of entitlement”. With a sense of entitlement, annoying girls are only useable if you want to dump a load, and you will require a higher quality of behavior from girls, if you are gonna spend your time with them.

Exactly like running a business – when you are a small startup, you will do anything to get sales, you will give discounts and and you will accept a lot of bullshit from customers, just to make some money. But when you have a huge successful business like Microsoft, the roles are reversed and you now expect a certain amount of respect from your customers. If a small potential business partner makes a huge mess at a meeting, you tell him to go fuck himself. You don’t need him, your business is fine without him, and there are tons of other people who will be GRATEFUL to buy from you.

So yeah, when your product (including your confidence and sense of entitlement) is good enough – you will automatically start to screen girls for other criterias than just “having a hole”. You will ditch the annoying girl that keeps flaking. You will tell the girl to shut up if she says something annoying. And you will learn to spot what girls that want to cooperate and have a fun sexual adventure, and which girls that are a waste of your time because they don’t want to fuck and you don’t enjoy talking to them.

If I want to spend time with a girl, I want a girl that I ENJOY selling and marketing to, a girl that appreciates my presence, has a personality and has something to offer. If I just want to get laid, I want a girl that is DTF and doesn’t put up a lot of bullshit before we have sex.

So yeah, choose your customers wisely based on what you goal is. Don’t try to convince a girl to like you and fuck you, if she isn’t attracted to you. Find the customers that are interested in what you want to sell.


Sales and seduction are very correlated. You can even use sales tactics in seduction. It’s a deal, and you want to close the deal. You are closing the deal and getting her number. You are closing the deal and setting up a meet. You are closing a deal and lead her to your place. You are closing the deal by spreading her legs and getting your dick inside her pussy. If she has objections/resistance/excuses for why not to buy (Its going too fast, I don’t know you, other LMR) then you work on those objections and remove them.

In sales, you usually also have plenty of customers to contact and try to sell to. And again – therefore you learn to sort out which customers are worth your time and which aren’t.

Using the business model to improve yourself

The “business model” is a great way to determine how to improve your sex life. Think of your “getting laid” project as a BUSINESS, and ANALYZE it as a business. I’m not saying you should sit at home analyzing and thinking all day, because you shouldn’t – but look at the 4 main areas of the business model, then look at yourself and determine: Where should you improve. Where should your effort be.

  • Product. Are you above average? Are you a guy that girls would ENJOY being with. It doesn’t take too much to become above average in this society full of fucking losers. Have a decent body, have decent clothes and have a decent personality, and you are WAAAAAY above the average.
  • Marketing. Do you need to get more social status, or do you simply just need to market your product to more people by talking to more girls?
  • Customers. Are you spending time with the right or the wrong customers. Think about which girls you’ve been talking to, texting and dating. Are these the right customers for you? Do they want what you want?
  • Sales. Are you good enough at closing the deal? Do you believe in your product, so you can present it and lead confidently to the sale, and know deep inside that what you are selling is great.

It’s a numbers game – statistical example

Ultimately, it’s a numbers game. I will show you an example with some completely hypothetical numbers. It’s a little extreme to break it down this way, but this is what you do when you run a business, and it illustrates a great point.

Lets say you are ugly, so only 10% of girls would find you attractive. But you put in a lot of effort so you would talk to 40 girls per month, and you would be 50% efficient in selecting which girls to spend time with. And lets say your sales skills was 50% as well.

So 5% of the 40 girls would sleep with you. That’s 4 DTF girls a month.

But you would only be 50% efficient in selecting which girls to spend time with, so you waste time with some uninterested girls and therefore miss two of the interested girls. That leaves you 2 DTF girls per month.

And lets say you were not good at escalating, so you would not be able to escalate to sex 50% of the time. That would mean that you would fuck 50% of the 2 girls, and therefore you would get laid with a new girl once a month.


This means:

  • With the other 3 factors equal: If you improve your product to above average, so 40% of girls would find you attractive. Then you will get laid 4 times as much.
  • With the other 3 factors equal: If you hit on half the amount of girls, then you get laid half as much.
  • With the other 3 factors equal: If you improve your screening/customer selection from 50% to 75%, then you will get laid 1,5 times a much.
  • With the other 3 factors equal: If you really suck at closing, you wont get laid. If you don’t dare to escalate, nothing will happen.


Look at yourself through the business model. Which areas do you need to improve? Write it down on a note, put it on your wall where you’ll see it – and then EXECUTE!!!!!!

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