Everything You Need To Know About The SizeGenetics – Honest Review

I have been using several extenders in the past with no success.

As an uncut guy, the majority of them finish slipping off or pinching my skin, which is quite uncomfortable.

The key success to enlarging your penis with an extender is using it as long as possible (6-8 hours, 5-6 days a week)

My goal in penis enhancement has always been girth, and after gaining a full inch over the last year and a half, I am no longer making any further progress.

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So why did you buy the SizeGenetics extender which is mainly for length, you must be asking.

Well, I am firm beliver in the synergy between length exercises and girth exercises.

You can never gain in just one department even if you focus your workout solely with specific exercises for that area.

For example, even though I have spent the last year with a workout focused on girth exercises: bathmate, squash jelq, and basic jelqing…I have also gained 0.74 inches in length.

I believe the opposite is true as well, if you just focus just in length exercises: extender and stretches, you will also make gains in the girth department.

The synergy between girth and length exercises is further confirmed by the popular TGC theory:

According to the TGC theory your limiting factor is the smooth muscle if:

  • Quality of erection is no more than 8, or below
  • Length of your flaccid penis in an stretched state is 1.2cm or more than the length of your penis in an erect state

According to the TGC theory your limiting factor is the tunica if:

  • Quality of erection is above 8 mark
  • Length of your flaccid penis in an stretched state is less than 1.2cm than the length of your penis in an erect state

The TGC theory says that my limiting factor is the tunica, and I should focus 70% of my workout or more in length exercises (even though girth is my goal).

70% may be too much, but the bottom line is you should never reject length or girth exercises independently of your main goal.

Results, Guaranteed

SizeGenetics offers a 6 month money back guarantee in case you don´t grow. Furthermore, there has been several clinical trials conducted that prove that the SizeGenetics work.

In these studies, men got results (1 inch in length) after wearing it for 6-8 hours a day, for 5-6 days of the week for a period of 6 months.

The study refers to the Andropenis, the former brand name of the SizeGenetics. You can check the study here.

In the following video I talk more about the SizeGenetics, wether you can wear it outside, which pack you should go for and much more. I will also show you how to wear it, and how it looks underneath the clothes:


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Wearing The SizeGenetics


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Unboxing The SizeGenetics:


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  • SizeGenetics is one the best extenders in the market, even for uncut guys
  • Grab this extender if you are interested in gaining length. 1 inch guaranteed after using it for 6 months
  • Consider buying this extender if your limiting factor is the tunica and you are stuck in your girth gains
  • Just go for the Ultimate System or Comfort Package, maximum comfort is a MUST for the best results adn you won´t get it if you go for the Value Edition

Buy the SizeGenetics with my affiliate link (I get a small commision with no additional cost for you), send me an email with your order number and I will send you free my “Horny Goat Weed With Maca” supplement, a best selller in Amazon

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