Everything You Need To Know About Penis Hanging

The Basics and How To Do It Safely

There are many penis enlargement approaches and products, but the reality is that not all of them would work. In fact, some might even very dangerous if done improperly.

So what makes penis hanging any different? The name might intimidate some, but this particular technique isn’t at all new—nor is it as scary as the name suggests.

The technique has been around for a while, with its roots connected to the tribal men in the past. A good example of which would be the Indian Sakhus tribes who were able to achieve results by hanging rocks to their penis, and allowing gravity to aid with the process.

The same idea is what’s being applied in the many different penis hanging gadgets currently available—minus the potential risk involved with using rocks. You see, with the use of the gadgets, there is a lot more control when it comes to the force being applied to the user’s penis.

Still, it must be noted that there are certain risks that come with it hence the need for proper information. Let’s start with the basics.

What’s penis hanging?

This is a penis lengthening technique that makes use of a pull force to achieve results. It makes use of weights or hangers, and is different from other techniques such as the stretching or extension method. The main difference between the two would be the tools used. Penis hanging makes use of weights instead of suction bells.

What does this mean? It means that with this method, the penis is only pulled downward. There would be no need to hold the glans of the penis using a suction, which is what’s done with in extenders and stretchers. Although, note that the cord in a hanging device is made to circle the glans at its base.

What’s the science behind it?

There is a science behind it, and this one makes use of the body’s own ability to heal. See, every time you apply a pull force on the penis, small lesions are created upon the flesh. This isn’t painful, of course, and only causes minor discomfort.

When this occurs, the body naturally heals itself. To do so, it sends new cells to the “injured” part of the body and these cells then adds mass to this area. This is how the lengthening process occurs.

Weights vs. Extenders:

Though these devices operate using the same principle, they differ in how they ought to be used. There are also differing levels of comfort.

When it comes to deciding which device to use, consider how it might affect your daily activities and your own tolerance for physical discomfort.

In terms of routine or scheduling, here is the difference:

  • With penis hanging, the focus is on using the heaviest weights that that a person can tolerate for a certain period of time.
  • With extenders and stretchers, users use low levels of tension that they can opt to increase as days go by. The length of time they use it for depends on personal preferences.
  • There is also some difference when it comes to discretion. Suction devices tend to be more subtle, whilst penis hanging devices are a bit more obvious. For the latter, you will need a private space to do it in.

Pros of the penis hanging method:

Advantages to using this method include:

  • Your use of it all depends upon personal preference and the length you wish to achieve. You can keep adding more weights after you have surpassed a certain goal—bearing in mind your own safety, of course.
  • The amount of pull force can be controlled.

The same applies for extenders and stretchers. As you progress, you can add weights or decrease weights if it goes beyond what you can physically tolerate.

  • It can be done hands-free.

It doesn’t require the use of hands whereas you would need to hold the suction tool for extenders.

  • Your girth stands to benefit as well.

For long-term use, estimated increase in girth is up to an inch. The least recorded girth increase is half of an inch.

  • Requires much less time before you start seeing results.

For faster results, you can opt to use the maximum amount of weight that your penis can tolerate. This means you can cut down on the amount of time you use it for as well– otherwise, you might cause tearing in the flesh that is more than necessary.


Disadvantages include:

  • Privacy issues

Given the nature of the gadget, you will need to keep out of sight for a bit if you’re using it.

  • Injury risk

It is reportedly more risky to use penis hanging. You will need to be very careful when choosing the proper weight. There is also some degree of conditioning involved to avoid any injuries to your penis.

  • Being consistent is a requirement

Once you start doing it, make sure that you don’t miss your daily sessions. This is important towards your overall progress.

  • Slow start

You will need to give yourself some time to adjust to the process, as well as condition your penis in order to avoid injury. A week or two should be enough for you to get used to the weight and the discomfort that using weights can bring. After this period, you’ll be able to use it with more ease and without worry.

Starting your routine:

Create your routine according to your lifestyle. It has to fit well within everything you do in a single day—for example, if you work during the mornings, then it would be best to do the exercise at night. It only takes less than hour so it would be very easy to fit into your schedule.

Can you do it more than once a day? The answer is a yes. However, do make sure that there is a decent gap of time between uses. This would make sure that there’s much less strain on your penis, and help you avoid injuries as well.

Conditioning is needed:

While you are excited to see results, remember that a proper amount of conditioning is needed. This means you should start with lighter weights and slowly work your way up. Those who have been through the initial stages allow for at least three months when it comes to conditioning. Some manage to do it with less. It all depends upon your own tolerance.

Don’t use another penis lengthening exercise:

The major thing you want to avoid is injury. If you’re using penis hanging, then you shouldn’t do other penile exercises that serve the same purpose. Remember that despite it being a muscle, your penis can still be sensitive, and may get injured if you put it through too much strenuous exercises.

Yes, you want to see results immediately, but always mind your own well-being before anything else.

Recommended starting weight:

What’s the right starting weight? A good point to start with is 5 lbs or less. You can begin to experiment with weight after you’ve gotten over the conditioning period, and your body is used to it.

Keep in mind that hanger attachment point stress is completely different from those of other gadgets. Make sure you understand how the gadget works and how to use it properly before you start trying out different things.

5 lbs is the maximum for starters. Anything more and you’re risking injury. Also, if you feel any sharp pain—stop and decrease your starting weight. This can vary for people, after all.

Remember to do a warm-up:

Much like any other exercise, warming up before you start the penis hanging exercise is great for avoiding injuries. It helps reduce muscle tension and stress, making your penis easier to work with—more pliable, if you will. This is something that’ll be very helpful towards reducing the amount of discomfort, as well as getting good results.

Sample Start-up Routine:

  • The session begins with a warm up. Ten to twenty minutes should be good for this. If you feel as if you might need more, don’t hesitate to extend the duration.
  • The weight to use must be between 2.5 lbs to 5 lbs.
  • Do it 3 to 4 times each week, do hanging sessions lasting for 20 minutes. You can do shorter sessions as needed.
  • You can add one session each week, but not more than that. Don’t increase your weight by more than 2 lbs per week.
  • For every session, always do a cool down. In this case, it means warming up your penis again for about ten to twenty minutes. This relieves muscle tension and discomfort.

Use rest periods:

At some point in your exercise, you might see your glans becoming bluish or purple in color; this is a sign that your penile cells are losing oxygen supply. Keep in mind that these cells can only survive up to 20 minutes without oxygen. This is why in-between sets, a 10-minute rest period should be employed.

During rests, massage your penis to normalize blood flow. You can also use the jelqing technique to help circulate blood. Always check your penis for any small injuries that are not in-line with the method you’re using. If you find something off, stop the exercise.

Pain is the best indicator of whether you are using the right weight or not so listen to your body. If you feel too much discomfort that you’re gritting your teeth just to continue, this means you’re using the wrong weight.

On Penis Hanging Angles

For this part of the discussion, one needs to have basic knowledge on the suspensory ligament and the tunica parts of the penis.

Ligament stretching is what you need to start with. The suspensory ligaments are the parts that need to be stretched in order to “cement” gains in penile lengthening. If you haven’t done that yet, you will need the 6 o’clock positioning or the lowest angle to do it. This means the perfectly vertical hanging position. Do this for a few sets every week.

If you see your penis moving to a higher angle, say the 6:30 or the 7 o’clock position, take a breather. This is not good for ligament stretching. Every time that this happens, you are advised to relax to allow your penis to return to a more relaxed position.

In time (this changes depending on a person’s physiology), your ligaments will achieve the fullest length possible for them. When this is achieved, it is time for you to work on your tunica, the fibrous part that forms the covering for corpora cavernosa. The corpora cavernosa are two elongated parts that hold most of the blood during an erection. The tunica is considered to be the hardest among the penile parts.

Once you’re certain that the maximum length of ligaments have already been achieved, you can move to the straight up (SU) or over the shoulder (OTS) positioning.

When using the OTS positioning, make sure you use protective material to protect your shoulder like a plastic milk jug. These two positions are said to be the best positions to employ when exiting the 6:00 position for tunica deformation exercise.

RSDT Fulcrum for Effective Tunica Hanging

The Rice Sock Duct Tape (RSDT) is one excellent way to creating tunica micro-tears. By the time you’re done with the ligament deformation, you may have had about a year of hanging exercise time under your belt.

Around this time, the tunica should have also achieved some degree of permanence in state and would be quite tough to “deform”. This is where RSDT is useful. This is known as one of the best plateau-breaking fulcrums and it can create fatigue along the entire length of the penile shaft.

From reports of different users, many attest that RSDT is truly effective for reaching higher levels of fatigue speedily. At the start of using this exercise, however, what you can use is only a small fraction of your normal weight. As you progress, you should be able to handle heavier weights.

On Achieving Fatigue

Penis enlargement through hanging can sometimes be considered as a test of a man’s creativity. Understanding the science behind it, like using a good routine and picking the right angles, is just the start. There are other things that go into it which need to be mastered if you want to maximize the technique’s full potential. One such thing would be achieving fatigue.

A fatigue point is the maximum bearable injury you can do to your penis. For example, if you experience a sharp pain during the exercise, you can say that you have pushed past beyond your limit for the session.

Reaching a fatigue point depends on how much you can bear the weights you’re wearing. If it’s just a mild burning pain, this is probably from the skin stretching which is not dangerous at all. But if you feel something like you’ve been stabbed with a knife, one that you cannot easily tolerate, then take this as a cue to stop—maybe change the weight you have on.

Something call “riding the fatigue” is another method known for quickly increasing penis lengths. However, it is not for everyone.

For this, you have to reach your first fatigue point at the first or second session. Then in subsequent sessions, you start to decrease your weight. If you are able to increase the weight in the next sessions, it indicates that you were not able to ride your fatigue during your last session. You can try this method, but make sure not to go beyond the point where safety may be compromised.

How to Maximize Your Results:

Here are some suggestions:

  • Increase your hang time – This refers to the length of time that you use the weights for. If you can do more than 10 hours every week, you’ll be able to see results sooner—however, not everyone can manage this so make sure you’re cautious.
  • Have split sets – This refers to a set added to your daily primary set. The required time to do this additional set is 12 hours from the time you finish your usual set.
  • Work on the same tissue for as long as needed – Don’t change your target tissue too early. The goal is make each tissue deformed and “cemented”. If you move from one to another too soon, you will not achieve the maximum size for it.

Equipment to Use:

  • Hangers – For hangers, you can try the BIB, the LG hangers and the Elite Hanger. An LG is so comfortable to wear that you won’t mind using it for extended periods. The BIB hanger, on the other hand, has the advantage of providing the user with several weight options.
  • Weights – This type foregoes the hanger system and instead uses a ring that is worn around the user’s penis. This is something that’s discreet and can be worn all day. 
  • Lotions – Vitamin E and Cocoa Butter lotion can both help in preventing skin cracking as well as in reducing pain.
  • PVC 4” – This is what you can use to prevent the hanger from twisting or getting caught on something.
  • Body Shaver – If your pubic hair happens to tangle with the device, you might mistake the pain as being caused by hanging tension.
  • A tool box –A box for your equipment is where you can easily store your gadgets and other essentials for penis hanging. It is discreet and provides you with a hygienic way of stowing things away. Given the size of some of the items you will be using, a tool box provides you with ample space to keep them in. Everything can be neatly organized and you don’t run the risk of misplacing anything. Because it’s discreet, you also don’t have to worry about people finding the stuff and needing to make up a reason as to why you have them in the first place. No one needs to know, right?

Achieving your goals and staying on track

To make sure that this will not be a time and money-wasting endeavor, you need to set goals and do your best to realize them. Here are some ways to help you do that.

  • Make sense of your progress – One way to do this is to take measurements as frequently as possible. A monthly record is great to keep as this allows you to see results on your penis development and to encourage you to go further after seeing every achievement you make.
  • Always have micro goals that you can list off – You know that you will have to treat every one of your penile parts. It’s going to be a long journey, so you should have a timeline to guide you and a list of the different angles to use. From the straight down or between the cheeks angle, you can move to a higher positioning like the over-the-shoulder and straight up positions. You also have the over-the-led and under-the-leg position to add for your later routines.
  • Know your limits – There might come a point when you might plateau with your progress. When this happens, it is time for a deconditioning break. After some time, you will find your penis losing a little of its length and its tissues becoming weaker and more resilient to growth. If after six months of continuous exercises nothing is gained further, it might the right time for a break. There is a limit to this, after all.

To conclude, penis hanging is one of your best options, especially if you have the discipline to continue with the process despite it taking a bit more time than others. Yes, there are risks involved, but you can minimize this by getting all the right information, and practicing the exercise properly.

For this, all you really need is the right mindset, and a bit of patience in order to start seeing the changes you want.

Good luck!

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