Everything You Need To Know About Penis Clamping

Penis enlargement exercises had been in a rage for years, and different techniques had been developed to improve either the length or the girth of penises. Though it is a bit more complicated for penis length gains, it is actually easier to start with enlarging your penis girth. There are a lot of methods available out there that involve exercises and some involve tools, but none is more popular and more talked about than Penis Clamping.


Penis Clamping is an advanced exercise of enlarging the girth of the penis. It involves restricting the blood flow from going out the penis, while still allowing minimum flow to enter. This can cause a large amount of pressure to build up which in turn expands the penis’ tissue beyond its normal state. If done multiple times, the expansion will become a permanent state.

Before considering this advanced method though, keep in mind that clamping involves more significant risks compared to other penile exercises. Being sufficiently aware of those risks and practicing the right amount of caution can minimize the risks involved.

Clamping should NOT be practiced until after you have been exercising your penis for at least six months. It is highly recommended to start first with regular penile stretches or jelqing, if this is the first time considering doing penis enlargement activities.


Clamping can effectively enhance the girth and indirectly improve the length of the penis and increase the intensity of penile erection.

Like with the majority of regular penile exercises, clamping can be done almost anywhere as the tools are handy and steps easy to follow. With the right tools, preparation and the right amount of caution, clamping can help its practitioners with achieving their desired results.


Getting ready for clamping involves choosing and carefully preparing tools as outlined below

  • Clamp –   the most important of the lot, you will need a clamp which can be easily put on and remove, and which can snugly fit around the penis. You can find such clamps on online or local stores; some brands may be highly recommended by others who practices clamping but best use those you might find comfortable and easy to use.
  • A wrap – any cloth material you can use to wrap around the penis. Popular wraps include socks, bandages, magnetic wraps and even strips of mouse pad.
  • Lubrication – most of men find it easier to stimulate themselves with lubrication. This will be a personal preference though but store bought penis lubricants are recommended.
  • Ways to stimulate your penis – porn, significant other, hand, etc.
  • Timer – distractions are unavoidable. Best to set a timer to avoid exceeding the time limit per exercise and to prevent any injuries.

There are four major steps in performing Penis Clamping: stimulation of the penis, wrapping the base of the penis, placing and tightening of the clamp, and leaving the penis clamped.

1. Stimulation of the Penis

The penis should be erect when performing this exercise, but based on your preference, you can clamp at a lower erection then build up on it once the clamp is placed.

Be careful when choosing the method of stimulation like porn-watching, there will be a point that you will be desensitized due to watching too much porn for stimulation. If this happens, it is suggested to try other methods to stimulate the penis. Remember, too much of something can bring negative effects.

2. Wrapping the Base of the Penis

It is important that the wrapping used is soft enough to protect the penis from the clamp, at the same time it should prevent the clamp from slipping.

After choosing the wrapping that you are most comfortable with or something that is readily available, carefully place the wrapping at the base of the penis where the clamp will be placed.

The wrapping does not need to be much wider than the clamp used.

It is important to place the wrapping as close as possible to the pubic bone since this is where the clamp will be directly positioned.

3. Placing and Tightening of the Clamp

Choosing the clamp to use is equally important. The clamp should be easy to put on and remove, and should fit snugly around the penis to prevent it from slipping for maximized blood flow restriction from the veins.

Place the clamp over the wrap and the clamp should be as close to the pubic bone as possible. Stimulate the penis and once on the highest erection possible, tighten the clamp. If any pain or discomfort is experienced at any point, you may adjust the grip. The intensity can be adjusted after the clamp is tightened by the use of Kegel exercises. This exercise is mostly just tightening your pelvic floor muscles, hold the contraction for three seconds, and then relax for three seconds. This pushes more blood in the penis and can help with expansion.

It is normal that the penis’ erection will subside while clamped but should still be stimulated or enlarged. However, if it continues to limp, try changing your wrap or adjusting the position of the clamp closer to the pubic bone.

Note: it is not fully recommended to do any additional clamped exercises due to the potential dangers especially for untrained penises. Should you decide to perform additional exercises, extra caution is advised. Also, clamping does not directly increase the length of the penis; you might want to try penis extenders to get the length increase you desire.

4. Leaving the Penis Clamped

For beginners, it is highly recommended that the exercise should be done no more than five minutes. There should be no pain when clamping. If there is, remove the clamp immediately.

After 5 minutes (for beginners), carefully remove the clamp and the wrapping. You can wait five to ten minutes between clamping sets, should you decide to add more sets if you feel that you are not getting the maximum exercise.   

After a while or when you get used to clamping, you can leave the clamp on for up to 10 minutes. This is the safest way to go for clamping as it minimizes injuries.

Video : How To Do Clamping



Over time, there should be positive signs after doing the penis clamping exercises such as an engorged penis, temporary growth (you may notice a temporary growth of at least half an inch in girth during and after clamping due to the pressure build up), pronounced veins and apparent growth through regular penis clamping.


Though helpful in building girth of the penis, there are dangers involved in the process of clamping if a little or no caution is taken.

Since the exercise mainly surrounds the idea of swelling up the tissue around the penis, it can easily cause injuries, especially when the penis has not been conditioned for this kind of workout.

Most common injuries include overtraining and penile Mondor’s disease (inflammation of the vein). In some cases it may also include temporary impotence.

There are signs that you need to watch out for to make sure that the exercise is not harming the penis. If you experience any painful or tingling sensation, numbness, coldness, or darkening of the penis’ skin color, immediately stop the clamping exercises. If these signs persist after discontinuing penis clamping, see a healthcare professional.

Even though the two most common injuries are temporary, it may take time to heal these injuries.


It is highly advised for beginners to let the penis rest for two days after the first session. In due time, with consistent clamping and if needed, you can adjust the amount of days in between sessions.

Continuous kegeling during the clamping sessions help push more blood into the penis promoting greater expansion, but caution should always be observed.

Get up and move around as much as possible, when clamped. This helps in pushing more blood in the penis and helps in engorgement.

Clamping behind the testicles is claimed to be effective by many though this may cause damage on the fragile tissue located in the testicles that contain nerves and arteries. If damaged, the injury may affect sperm production and it may even lead to ischemia of the tissues that may cause death to the tissue and gangrene.

If an additional clamp is needed to restrict the blood flow, place the new clamp an inch below the glans or the rounded tip of the penis. Do not forget to place a wrap around the area for the second clamp to prevent any damage to the penis itself.

Penis clamping exercise is one of the more advanced methods of penis enlargement and its best to perform this when you already have experience with other penile exercises. If this is your first time, make sure that you will proceed with caution and do not over train in hopes of getting faster results, as this may be more harmful than beneficial in the long run.

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