Everything You Ever Need To Know About Edging

If you want to last as long as you want you need to train yourself- it’s as simple as that. We do this by following a method called edging. In this article I will help you understand what edging is, what the principles of edging are, and I’ll give you a program to work with. Whether you have severe premature ejaculation (PE) problems or just want to boost your skills- this is for you. To this day I credit my ability to last insanely long mostly to edging.

What Is Edging?

Edging essentially means that you bring yourself close to orgasm without actually cumming repeatedly during a session. Doing this will eventually recondition your body to last much longer since you make a habit out of not cumming the first time your close to orgasm- or the 5th time for that matter.

Back in the day when I had pretty bad PE problems I decided to field test all the things I read about lasting longer. It would be a mixture of academic articles, books and forums. I quickly discovered that the way most people edged was not effective because it didn’t have some sort of methodology behind it. Similar to working out, you need to know the basics of lifting first (e.g. knowing how to deadlift) and then follow a successful methodology (program) to achieve the results you want.

Principle 1:Shift Your Focus Point

Most guys believe that their unit only has three stages:

1). Flaccid

2). Erect

3). Orgasm

This is a HUGE misconception. There is so much that happens in between yet we never ever focus on that. It’s weird when you think about it because it’s the stimulation DURING those stages that actually feel good.

If we want to last much longer and edge in the right way it’s important to first realize the importance of Principle 1: SHIFT YOUR FOCUS POINT:

Learn to expand your Focus Point

What this means is that you focus on ALL sensations when you masturbate (and edge). It means you don’t think, ‘Oh now I’m flaccid’ or ‘now I’m hard’ – you focus on every single second between those stages and the sensations that go along with it.

This bring us to the second principle:

Principle 2: Monitor Your Level of Arousal

You need to monitor and be able to IDENTIFY, on a scale of 1-10, how aroused (horny & hard) you are. In this scale, 10 would be orgasm, and 1 would be completely not aroused and flaccid.

It’s important that you continuously ask yourself (when edging which I’ll talk about in a second): “On a scale of 1-10, how aroused am I now?” You’ll notice that the more often you do this, the better you’ll become at recognizing the most important points. For most guys, it will look something like this:

The Arousal Monitor

If you want to last all night you need to know the different phases your body goes through from ‘flaccid’ to ‘orgasm’.

Notice that we are making a distinction here between the mental and physical because being aroused has a psychological and physiological element to it.

If you want to last all night you need to know the different phases

Beginning [0-6]: Not much happens here but I advise that you learn to identify each point nonetheless.

Ideal Zone [6-8.5]: This is the zone where you are 100% hard, but not close to cumming. Edging is about learning to stay in this zone- until you actually want to cum

Emission: The emission phase is when semen from the testes (balls) flows through the body via a series of contractions, ultimately collecting in the urethral bulb (which can be found at the base of your penis). As you practice, you will be able to actually feel your ‘balls’ fill up weird as that might sound.

PONR: the Point Of No Return. No matter what, you are gonna cum, even if someone put a gun to your head telling you not to.

Ejaculation: also known as the explusion phase. It’s the money shot.

Principle 3: Influence Your Level of Arousal

Once we’ve identified our own key points (as described above) we need to influence our arousal level by implementing some techniques. Via breathing techniques, adjusting body tension and more importantly, using your PC muscles we can train ourselves to stay in the Ideal Zone and pound any girl till she can’t take it anymore.

The Four Predictors of Ejaculation

Watch out cowboy- if you are tense, breathing rapidly and clenching your PC muscles you better have a rubber on or some tissues near you

When we are close to ejaculation/orgasm:

•Our heart beat is rapid

•Our breathing is shallow

•Our body is tense

•Our PC muscles are contracting rapidly

Influencing our level of Arousal means that we reverse the process by implementing techniques to last as long as we want to- or speed of the process of reaching orgasm.

Using Arousal Control Techniques

This is when you implement the techniques


You feel you are close to cumming and are close to emission. You notice you are tense, breathing fast and contracting your PC muscles rapidly. You consciously do special kegels (more on this below), decrease body tension, and deepen your breathing to lower you arousal level.

If you want to get closer, you simply clench your muscles, breathe faster and contract your PC muscles rapidly.

Principle 4: Execute the Techniques

So what are these techniques I hear you asking? They are the following:

1). Diaphragmatic breathing techniques

2). The PMR technique

3). Using your PC muscles wisely


1. Diaphragmatic breathing techniques

When I was a kid I was extremely asthmatic. I often couldn’t even run for 100yards before I ran out of breath and almost fainted because I would hyperventilate unless I would do this technique. The doctors showed me a trick I could use to control my breathing and Ill share it with you right here:

It goes like this:

•Breathe in deeply via your nose for 8seconds- expanding your diaphragm.

•Hold your breath for 5seconds.

•Slowly exhale via your mouth until all the air is out.

•Repeat the process for 5 to 10 times.


Breathing slowly and relaxed isn’t that difficult- everyone can do it. The real crux though is getting the timing right. As mentioned before you want to use this method of breathing as one of the tools to lower your arousal level.


2. The PMR technique

During heavy sex sessions our glutes (ass), quads (legs), abs and arms are usually very tense. This only speeds up the process of cumming so we want to reverse that. We can do that by relaxing them- will work for most guys. For some however, the PMR technique (Progressive Muscle Relaxation) will be needed. It is a scientifically based method of relaxing your muscles and it goes like this:

•Close your eyes.

•Flex the muscle you want to target and hold it for 8-12seconds.

•Relax the muscle for 20seconds.

•Repeat until you feel the muscle is fully relaxed.

Obviously you don’t need to keep count or necessarily close your eyes. Sex not a science, it’s an art. Rather, it is an indication for you so you have some idea on how to do the PMR technique when you need it. Basically you just flex the muscles and then relax them and you do this a couple of times. It might sound like hard work but it will be second nature before you know it.


3. Using your PC muscles wisely

Having well developed PC muscles mainly serves two purposes:

1). Improve EQ- Pumping blood to the corpora cavernosum & increasing pelvic contractions àharder erections/cumming

2). Last Longer- Using pressure to pause blood being pumped & pause pelvic contractions to the penis àlasting longer

There are essentially two main PC muscle exercises (also known as kegels and you can read up over here):

1.Regular kegels

These kegels are the ‘simple’ kegels that you always hear people talking about. Essentially they are nothing more than flexing them as if you were to stop the flow of urine.

2. Reverse kegels

The reverse kegels are the more difficult kegels yet important in developed balanced PC muscles. Basically it’s the flexing of the muscles you’d use by ‘pushing out the urine’.

When you are close to cumming do the following:


Reverse kegel a couple of times until you feel that you successfully lower your level of arousal

Biggest mistake people make when edging: most guys do NORMAL kegels when they are close to cumming and try to hold it. This is NOT how it works. Instead, you should do REVERSE kegels for regular kegels used close to PONR will also speed up the involuntary contraction process in the pelvic region.


One of the easiest ways to last a lot longer is to implement the following technique: Whenever you feel you are nearing PONR, consciously relax the muscles in your body, take 3 deep breaths and do 3 to 5 strong reverse kegels.

Beginners Edging Program

Hopefully you now have a better understanding of edging. The last thing I want to talk about is a good beginners program.

1. Preparation

Make sure you’re seated comfortably in a dim lighted space where nobody can disturb you for at least 20minutes. Put on some music you like (preferably some relaxing music) and set the alarm at the desired session time and have some lube nearby.

2. Awareness & Mindfulness

Slowly get yourself hard and more aroused earlier.

3. Monitor Your Arousal Level

As you get harder and more aroused give yourself a rating based on the arousal level scale discussed earlier (start with full numbers, then go to half later on for example, an 8.5/10 instead of 8/10). Learn to recognize the key points namely the ideal zone (6 to 8.5), emission (where you feel your balls ‘fill up’) which is about 9 and PONR which is about 9,5.

4. Using the Techniques

Once you get close to 9 (emission) make sure your body is relaxed’. If not, alleviate the tension by relaxing your muscles. In addition, check your breathing. Adjust this with diaphragmatic breathing if necessary. Flex your PC muscles and do reverse kegels a couple of times in combination with slowly inhaling and exhaling.

In addition, decrease stimulation (speed, pressure and grip) and do this until you’ve successfully lowered your arousal level and are in the ideal zone. Repeat this process for the entire time being.

Important Things to Keep in Mind

•It’s perfectly normal if you cum a couple of times before you get the hang of it.

•Start with recognizing your levels of arousal and your corresponding hardness.

•Learn to recognize your ideal zone, emission phase (feeling the balls ‘fill up’) and PONR

•Experiment with stimulation and the techniques until you discover what works best for you

•Learn how you can increase your arousal level the easiest, for most guys this will be a combination of doing regular kegels, increasing body tension and increasing the pace of stimulation.

Start Edging

In your first week, try and edge for 10minutes and do this 3x a week. After that, add 2-5minutes each week. If you don’t make it (meaning you ejaculate) during one of these sessions- you start all over untill you can successfully edge for 25+min.

That’s it. Start doing them, and you’ll be a sex legend no joke. There are a lot of tools (e.g. the Fleshlight) that we can use and there are a lot of other techniques, tools and tricks to last as long as we want- but I’m gonna share those with you some other time otherwise it will be information overload.

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