How to escalate to sex – Escalation Guide

This guide is based on my experience on “dates” with more than 250 girls and sex with more than 150.

As of this moment I have had sex with 155. In other words, I know what Im talking about.

When doing stuff so many times, I have begun to see some patterns.

I have realized, what usually works, and what usually doesn’t.

Slow escalation to sex – why it sucks

Looking back, I see that on the dates where I escalated slowly, was the dates with the lowest success rate in terms of getting laid. At the same time, when I escalated slowly, the girls gave more last-minute resistance (LMR). My overall success on my dates has generally been lower, the slower my escalation was.

Most guys think they should take things slow. Most guys think, that girls take a long time to get heated up, and that girls like being treated as innocent princesses. Most guys think it requires a lot of sensual romantic foreplay before the girl is turned on and wants to have sex with him. THIS IS NOT TRUE!!!

Most guys take things slowly, so when they kiss the girls, they do it very soft, and they keep kissing the girl for a loooong time, before they even dare to grab her ass or grope her tits or rub her pussy.They think that this is what girls really want.

Yes, taking things slow CAN be hot and CAN build a lot of sexual tension… But lets be honest here. You would rather just rip her clothes off and have sex with her, than sit on the couch, make out like a teenager, caress her neck and hold her hand. If you are really into the emotional romantic cuddling thing, it is much better to do it after sex anyways, when your body releases all the “after-sex” love hormones.

And believe it or not – girls are the same way as us. They would also much rather get fucked than cuddle and talk. I have been told by tons of girls, that they are soo frustrated that other guys move so SLOW. They are tired of getting treated like a fragile little princess. They desperately CRAVE someone, that can see and treat them for the sexual beings they truly are. They CRAVE men, that gives them sex instead of flowers.

Actually, escalating slowly is very counterproductive. The slower you escalate, the more time her logical brain has to think about what is happening. As you might now, you don’t want to engage her logical brain, because it will probably tell her she should slow down and prevent having sex with you. Also, think about what escalating slowly and carefully, will communicate to her. It will give her the impression of a careful weak niceguy beta. It will also make you seem more like a boyfriend, which is counter productive in case you want sex as fast as possible.

Fast escalation to sex– why it rocks

Because of the aforementioned reasons, always escalate as fast as possible.

The easiest way to do it is to ASSUME that you both have been waiting to fuck each other for a loong time! ASSUME that all she has been thinking about all day is to get fucked, and have a lot of wild sex with you. ASSUME that will be ALL OVER EACH OTHER, at the first given opportunity.

When you kiss her, don’t just kiss her. Don’t just keep making out.

As soon as your lips touch, amp it up a notch. Grab her hair, kiss her neck, grab her ass, touch her back and caress her thighs. Girls follow your lead. It is up to you what happens. Some girls will reciprocate and grab your neck, touch your arms and abs as well. Other girls need you to lead them.

So as soon as you kiss her an begin groping her, take her hands and put them on the parts of your body you want her to touch. Take her hand and put in around your neck, take her hand and put it on your abs, take her hand and put it on your thighs/ass. Girls are not expected to escalate themselves. Society has programmed them to feel slutty if they escalate and act sexual. So you have to LEAD them. You have to do the escalation for them, by putting her hands on you and telling her what to do. More on that later.

Guide for quick escalation to sex

  • Kiss her, and immediately grab her hair, kiss her neck and grab her ass and thighs.
  • Take her hands and put them on your body where you want her to touch you (arms, back, neck, abs, ass,)
  • Push her down on the couch/bed, and begin dry humping her with your thigh against her pussy.
  • Hold her left arm above her head with your left arm (I will draw this)
  • Grab her pussy and touch it outside her pants. You should apply a lot of force, and touch her around in a rhythmic motion.
  • Take her hand and put it on your dick (which should be very erect by now) and say “feel how hard you make me”
  • Tell her “you are so fucking hot” and tell her “you make me so turned on” / “you make me so hard”
  • As fast as possible (so she doesn’t realize what is about to happen) put your hand down her pants and panties at the same time and touch her pussy.
  • Get your index or middle finger up inside her pussy as fast as possible. Begin touching her like in this fingering article (coming up soon)
  • Within 30 seconds-1minute sit on your knees to the left of her (you finger her with your right hand). Open your pants with your left hand and pull your dick out. Make her suck your dick as described in this article.
  • Finger her hard for 1-2 minutes while she does or does not suck your dick (doesn’t matter)
  • Then sit on your knees close to her ass, and pull her pants and panties off as fast as possible. You have to pull both her panties and her pants off AT THE SAME TIME (grab both the panties and the pants, and pull down.)
  • Take your own pants off, if you havent already done it before.
  • Get back beside her, continue to finger her and let her suck you dick.
  • Grab the condom, that you have of course placed within arms reach from your bed. (I have my condoms in my window next to my bed.
  • Open it, take it on, and stick your dick inside her in missionary position.
  • From there, have sex with her as you like. I will write a guide about that too.

RESISTANCE: Anti-Slut-Defence and Last Minute Resistance

A very important thing, is to avoid ASD (anti slut defence) or LMR (last minute resistance)

The easiest way to avoid these, is to turn her physically on, as much as possible aka TOUCH HER PUSSY AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE.

The more she/her pussy is turned on, the more her primal sex brain will take over her actions, and the less her logical brain will be able to tell her “this is not a good idea from a rational point of view”. Remember this.

Another way, to avoid her resistance is to avoid doing things that “trigger” her logical brain.

For instance, when you take her shirt off, it is “something that is happening” which her brain can think about and this can trigger resistance. Therefore, I would recommend you to wait to take her shirt off, until you are sure that she is turned on enough to shut her logical brain off. Until you have your fingers in her pussy, dont even CONSIDER taking her shirt off.

Same thing applies to “opening her belt” and “opening her pants”. Dont do these. Just put your hand directly down her pants and panties as described. Hereby, you avoid those “something that is happening”, that might otherwise make her put up resistance

Final words

I hope that this guide has been helpful. Now please take action. Meet up with some girls and TRY THIS. See that it works. Use it. Abuse it. Go fuck them girls and give them the sex they crave!!!

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