The NATURAL & Homeopathic Remedy for a  FIRMER, LARGER & HEALTHIER penis

This device has been proven to be effective and has only shown great positive signs and amazing results.

What Is "The Elite Ring Of Power"

This Ring of Power / Magnetic Zinger is in fact a Natural Galvanic Battery. It has electro-dynamic Martyr Zinc & Copper, which produce a perpetual flow of electrical energy (up to 1.49 volts) when in contact with the natural moisture of the skin.

This small amount of Galvanic Current painlessly stimulates Cellular Growth by means of intracellular signal activation, it also stimulates the Leydig cells in the testicles to produce amazing amounts of testosterone, and also allows the trans-dermal absorption of the very beneficial Zinc and Copper elements. Super soft Zinc increases absorption and added to all of this is the magnificent effects of the two high power pure gold plated neodymium magnetic spheres to gently stimulate blood flow and cellular reproduction.

Dr. Robert Blakoe, an anatomist and physiologist invented a device that would harness the effect of electro-dynamism to give his patients a new enhanced sexual power. Their erections were stronger and sustainable, sexual stamina, and quantity of ejaculate was greater than ever before. This device has been proven to be effective and has only shown great positive signs and amazing results



The Benefits From The Magnetic Therapy

The Extraordinary Benefits of Rare Earth Magnets are gaining recognition and popularity in both the (ED) and (PE) community. They are now found in everything from extenders, hangers, pumps and even constrictors. The Elite Ring of Power adds Two Powerful Rare Earth Neodymium Gold plated Magnets placed on the bottom and top of the ring and precisely over the Dorsal Vein and Arteries. This creates a magnetic field which the blood passes through. Research shows that blood circulation is stimulated by a magnetic field.

Some clinical theories also suggest that magnetic therapy stimulates new cellular growth and also improves electrical conductivity of cells (which increases the benefits of the Galvanic Current). Studies show that when blood flows through a magnetic field, due to it's iron content, the blood cells spin and separate from each other giving each cell more surface area (see picture). This allows the blood cells to carry and exchange more oxygen and nutrients needed for cellular growth. The magnetic field also widens the blood vessels allowing more blood to flow through. Magnetic therapy both improves the circulation and the performance of the blood.

This "Elite Ring of Power" is designed to provide you up to 20% More Galvanic Current. Only this Magnetic Ring delivers four natural health sciences (Galvanic Therapy - Magnetic Therapy - Zinc Supplementation - Copper Supplementation which are all very beneficial to men. This "Magnetic" Ring is comfortably worn and produces an unnoticeable Natural Galvanic (electric) Current (up to 1.5 volt). Only the Magnetic Ring delivers both Magnetic Therapy and Galvanic Therapy to stimulate Increased Genital Blood Circulation which speeds delivery of the vital oxygen and nutrients. Only the Magnetic Ring provides an ideal FDA Recommended (10 to 1) Zinc to Copper ratio for proper Zinc absorption. After a few days of use you will also begin to notice an Increased Libido and a Natural Boost in your own DNA specific, best utilized testosterone production from the Trans-Dermal Zinc absorption!


It has been proven that cell growth is set into motion by a micro-charge of electricity that sets off a intracellular signal. This low voltage electrical current makes cell walls become permeable which increases nutrient and protein absorption into the cell by up to 40%. This also improves circulation and increases oxygen levels in the blood which helps the body generate new cells and function at a higher level.


The original Blakoe Ring has a price tag of $150, luckily you can buy the new and improved for just $97


Once the payment has gone through we will get in touch with you via email to confirm your delivery adress.

What Does It Do?

The "Elite Ring Of Power" has so many benefits that it may be hard to believe that no negatives exist except that you have not yet purchased! When added to any Natural Penis Enlargement Program the Galvanic Current it generates, and the natural trans-dermal absorption of trace elements the Magnetic Ring of Power provides these benefits:

  • Increased Flaccid AND Erect Girth.
  • Increased Testicle Size AND Health.
  • Increased Semen Production (Quantity AND Quality).
  • Increased Sex Drive AND Sexual Performance.
  • Increased Fertility AND Natural Testosterone Production.
  • Promotes Cellular Growth and Increases Blood Flow.
  • Provides More Frequent and HARDER Erections
  • Helps prevent swelling or discoloration from extreme exercises.
  • Improves overall genital AND prostate function.
  • Increases production of other important hormones of the body.
  • Shorter recovery time between erections
  • Better results from exercise
  • Decreased body fat (Due to higher testosterone levels)
  • Increased Overall Stamina

The longer the Elite Ring Of Power is worn, the more readily the effects will be noticed.


Once the payment has gone through we will get in touch with you via email to confirm your delivery adress.


  • q-iconHow do I wear it?

    The soft and flexible design of the Elite Ring Of Power allows for a very comfortable wear. You can wear it around the base of your penis and testicles, or just around the testicles. After a few minutes of wearing, you will usually not notice its presence at all. It may be trimmed and worn according to YOUR needs. Some individuals prefer to wear it all day, or just a few hours a day. Others may prefer to wear it only during the night, while some may prefer to wear it only while exercising.

  • q-iconIs it safe?

    These devices have been worn by thousands of men all over the world with no reports of unwanted side effects. It is completely natural, homeopathic, non-invasive, and drug free approach unlike many other extremely expensive options available.

  • q-iconIs it discreet?

    It’s impossible to see underneath standard clothing, and won’t easily fall off, so there’s no down side to frequent use. The upside is, the more you wear it around, the better the results from increased skin moisture. With consistent use, you’ll feel and see the results listed above and more. Best of all, unlike supplements, you won’t build up a tolerance with continued use. The soft Zinc may develop several small surface micro-fractures, these are nothing to worry about, they will not affect the integrity of the item, the absorption of the elements, and will not be felt when worn


Once the payment has gone through we will get in touch with you via email to confirm your delivery adress.