Custom Size Condoms: TheyFit

Custom Size Condoms are an absolute MUST for every man that takes his sex-life seriously.

Getting custom condoms that FIT you perfectly will make a TREMENDOUS improvement in your comfort as well as safety.

In other words, they will make sex feel much better and help you to avoid getting those annoying little babies too early.

And no, I’m not saying this to make a few cents – I genuinely want to inform and help you improve your sex life.

Surprisingly, there is just ONE company in the world that makes condoms with custom width and length: TheyFit.


In this review I will tell you all about

  • Why Custom Size Condoms are important
  • My extensive experience with the condom market
  • 101% risk-free satisfaction guarantee
  • How to buy and what to expect (delivery, etc)
  • How to get custom size condoms if you live in USA/Canada

Why Custom Size Condoms are important

I cant stress enough how important it is to use a condom that FITS you. To get the exact right width for your penis is the most crucial thing to comfort and safety.

If a condom is too tight, it “chokes” the penis, feels much less comfortable and is much more likely to break. If a condom is too loose, it slips and might fall off.

We all know that penises come in lots of different sizes. Therefore I think it is absolutely fucking RIDICULOUS that there are generally only 1 condom size available. Yes, you heard me right: ONE SIZE. So-called “Large” or “Small” condoms are almost the same as regular size!

The regular size is what most people use.
The “small” size is only a little smaller.
And the “large” size is a tiny bit larger.

If you look at Durex condoms, for instance… The width of the “small” condom is 49mm, their Standard condom is 56mm and their XL is 57mm. In other words, their so-called “larger size” is ONLY 1mm WIDER!!

If you look at Protex condoms, their Standard condom is 53mm and their XL condom is 55. Only TWO mm in difference.

Penises come is all sorts of lenghts and girths, so the fact that most condom brands only supply condoms for 3 different sizes of penises is so fucking ignorant.

Regular condom brands provide a width from 49 to 56 mm and a lenght from 178 to 228 mm.

In comparison, TheyFit have 12 different sizes all the way from 41mm to 69mm in width.

On top of that, Theyfit also have 14 different sizes in lenght, from just 77mm to 232mm.

In other words, there is a size that fits you JUST RIGHT instead of just ALL RIGHT.

Check out these great condom size comparisons on TheyFit’s website:

My extensive experience with the condom market

As you might know, I’ve had quite a lot of sex with a lot of girls. Therefore, I’ve used a lot of condoms.

When I started having sex, I of course also wore a condom. Sex was really exciting and I had spent sooo much time learning how to get laid, so it was therefore a HUGE disappointment that I almost always lost my erection after a few minutes.

At first I shrugged it off as performance anxiety. And part of it probably was.

But after MONTHS and MONTHS of failed sexual experiences with women, I finally found the answer.

I almost cried when I discovered what was wrong. Partly of happiness, and partly because it was so fucking simple, and I really really wish I had found out before.

The condoms just didn’t fit me.

After getting custom size condoms, I discovered that your dick is not actually supposed to be “choked” by the condom and that the red ring I always had at the base of my penis was a sign that the condom was way too tight. I discovered that wearing a condom could actually be pretty comfortable, putting it on could be EASY, and that I was actually able to FEEL my penis and ENJOY SEX while wearing a condom.

What a fucking revelation.

It wasnt all smooth sailing to find my right condom size though. At first I didn’t know about TheyFit, so I actually ordered FIFTY single different condoms from different brands, so I could try which ones were best. I’m not kidding when I say I had a fucking huge bag full of condoms by my bed. Looked pretty ridiculous when I had girls over. Or when my mom visited me. Anyways.

Some of these condoms were alright, but I later found a much easier and better way to get a condom that fits me: custom sized condoms. A clever guy named Joe has actually realized that dicks are different. He founded TheyFit. They cost pretty much the same as every other condom brand around, and even if they cost 20 cents more, it’s definitely worth it for the improved comfort and experience. How much is your sex life worth? I will NEVER EVER go back. EVER!

Getting a custom sized condom is an absolute must. There is no “average” penis, and even if you think that normal size condoms fit you “OK” you might discover that you are MUCH more comfortable with a condom that is slightly tighter or wider.

Take a few minutes of your time to find the perfect condom size. You will benefit from this for the rest of your life.

I have already recommended TheyFit’s custom condoms to a lot of people, and as one of my friends put it:

“Best idea ever! You will never regret it!”

101% Risk-Free Satisfaction Guarantee

If you want to adjust your size after the first order, your second pack gets a 50% discount. This is nice – so you can test them out and get the right size.


And if you are not completely happy with your TheyFit custom fit condoms you can let them know within 14 days and they will refund all your money, plus £1.


It’s nice to know, but I’m pretty sure you’re gonna like them though. I mean – its like the condoms you’re used to – just with a much better fit and feeling!

How to buy and what to expect (delivery, etc)

Ordering custom size condoms from TheyFit is easy peasy:

Delivery is £1.95 (just around $3) to whereever you live!


All information about delivery can be found here:

How to get custom size condoms if you live in USA/Canada

Dont worry – if you live in USA or Canada you can get custom size condoms as well. You can not order directly from TheyFit, since the FDA rules prohibit any condom with a nominal width outside of 47-57mm and a lenght less than 170mm, but there is a simple way to go around this:


Use a mail forwarding company.


I know that US/Canadian citizens use a mail forwarder called to ship theyfit from UK to the US for $6.


It is very simple. To quote from their website:


“We forward packages from the UK to the US & Canada for a flat charge of $6.00 per package.

You can place an order directly with any UK website that doesn’t ship to the US/Canada, and simply use our address as your shipping address. Your package arrives here, we put a new label on it, attach the correct postage and send it to you. This means you benefit from the website’s customer service, special offers and discounts. Neat, huh?“

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