Club Creeping – How To Get Girls In The Nightlife

Ooh, the nightlife! A fascinating place full of flashing lights, wild music and girls dressed to the nines! A place where 95% of people go out to socialize and get laid. Everyone are drunk and happy. That should be easy… Right?

Well, I dont know… A lot of guys seem to struggle regardless. So did I. It took me several years before I could consistently pull girls home. Cause yes – the nightlife seems to be the obvious place to meet girls – but it is also a very chaotic place, with a lot of unknown factors, randomness and competition.

This is where my buddy Grim Reaper comes into the picture. You might know him from the GoodLookingLoser Forum, where he is famous for his crazy lay reports and creepy pictures of the girls he takes home from the clubs.

I have actually met him several times in real life, and let me tell you – I recognize legit player slash cool guy when I meet one. Besides watching plenty of nasty video-proof, and seeing him hitting on girls right in front of me, I am also extremely positive about his expertice because of another thing: His personality.

Everything about him screams cool, genuine, badass alpha male. From his martial arts championships, to his wide circle of friends, and his life experience. Very few guys impress me. Grim Reaper does.

There is ABSOLUTELY NO DOUBT that he gets laid with really hot girls from the nightlife on a regular basis.

Whereas meeting girls during the day is my speciality – meeting girls during the night is Grim Reaper’s.

It is therefore a great honor for me to present his Club Creeping Guide, where he shares his best tips for getting laid in the nightlife. Read on, if you want to get laid more. And if you want to see more of his creepy pics 😉

How To Get Girls In The Nightlife

By Grim Reaper

There are tons of guides on the internet on “how to pick up girls at club” or “How to seduce woman at bars” – most of them are some PUA scam shit that encourages you to do some weird geek stuff, which won’t benefit or help you at all.

What I have to tell you about hitting on girls during the night comes from many years of experience. During the night time I have had countless one-night-stands, fucked girls in less than 10 minutes from the time I met them. I have had sex in public places and fucked several girls in ONE night. So my advice comes from successful experience and hopefully it can be helpful to you on getting a piece of ass, during a night out!

Part 1 – Before Going Out:

Well before you go out there’s some subjects we really need to take a look at. These subjects can be crucial and if you don’t get these subjects fixed, you might as well NOT go out because you will be more or less wasting your time. I have listed 3 main subjects, which are essential for getting laid and picking up girls up.

Dress to impress

We hear it over and over again: Looks matters! And they really do. You might already know that you should hit the gym, get some tan, get a nice haircut and dress yourself edgy. When it comes to hitting girls during night time, I can’t stress the looks enough. You will get so much more attention if you put on some nice clothes, compared to if you just wore your normal clothes. If you compare hitting on girls during the day vs. during the night, then during the night you will have competition from all the guys at the club. They wouldn’t dare to hit on any girls during the day, but now when they are shitfaced, they have the balls to talk to girls, so why not have an advantage over your competition? – Dress better than them!


This is major one! Logistics can be your best friend or your worst enemy. The closer you can live to the nightlife, the better! I personally live under 1 minute away from 4 bars and it has never been so easy for me to get girls back to my place. Good logistics is key for one night stands. If you live far away from the city I would recommend you to find an apartment in the city center. Getting an apartment in the center will not only benefit you when taking girls home from the clubs but also when you’re having dates coming over in the weekdays.

If you don’t have any apartment in the city center and live far away, then you have to make a plan for your logistics. It could be something like this:

  • Get a Hotel/hostel room close to the clubs.
  • If you have a car, use it, if you’re not drinking.
  • Take a taxi.
  • Have a mate to come and pick you up.
  • Use public transport.

There’s a lot of ways to get the girl back home. But keep in mind that the longer it takes to get to your home, the more sober and tired the girls gets and less down to fuck. Another option is to fuck the girls in public. I have a friend who has banged at least 20 girls in a bathroom of a specific nightclub. But it can be difficult to find a nightclub with decent toilet facilities and with bouncers who won’t kick you out and give you quarantine from the club, if caught fucking in the toilet.

What I will suggest is to do a ‘recon mission’ before hitting the clubs. Go out and spot for good locations which are close to the bar/nightclub. That fuck-location has to be well hidden, so you can fuck her without having people disturbing you. And trust me on this one, if it’s not private enough people will come and just stare at you and put an end to your “homerun”.


This is probably the most important one of all the subjects. The previous 2 doesn’t apply to “night game” alone, but also in general if you creep on girls. This really sounds crazy, but if you go to the clubs with the mindset and intention of “I want to pull and pick up every girl” – you won’t get any girls! I have talked to a lot of girls, who how claims that they can just ‘smell’ when a guy is desperate and only wants to pick them up.

I know a single hot girl can be hit on by 10 different guys in just one night. They are used to get hit on and they can easily tell who is hitting on them or not. So it’s very important that you don’t go to the nightclubs with the mindset and intention of “I going to pick up every chick”. It can be fatal to you. Then you probably ask yourself: “Which mindset should I have then?! When the goal is to get pussy?”

Your mindset should be to have fun and a good time with your friends, wings or whoever you go out with. If you do that, and show everybody at the club/bar that you have a good time, the girls will sense it and then the magic will happen. I have experienced it so many times, and this was actually before I discovered the mindset thing. I have had said to myself, before going out, that I was not going to pick up any girls and I were only going to have fun.    I was even so determined just to have fun, that I wasn’t going to hit on any girls, so I didn’t even bring any condoms, didn’t shave the hair from my dick and didn’t bring any Viagra (Yes I use Viagra – I can be your best friend when you’re drunk 😉 ). But guess what? – Those nights when I had that mindset, I was getting laid nearly every time. When I was partying in Bulgaria, my friends and I dressed up and painted ourselves all over our bodies. We looked like somebody who had fun and I actually fucked 2 girls in just that night!

Remember that girls just want have fun! And if you are “the fun” then you are the one who’s getting laid!

Part 2 – When You Are At The Nightclub/Bar:

In this section I will talk about some general facts about the nightlife, what you should do, what I have had success doing, what you can expect and what to keep in mind!

Where to go?

First of all you should decide which bar to go to. Like there are a lot of different types of people, there are also a lot of different types of bars and clubs. I will recommend you to find a bar which suits your personality, style and taste. Personally I like bars which have a bigger ratio of women than men, good music, cheap booze, high end girls, a lot of places to isolate the girl and which offers me ‘good logistics’. Don’t waste time on bars with shitty quality of women and bars which have a higher ratio of men.

If you don’t have any knowledge of the bars and clubs in your city – take a pub crawl and see which bar or club that can cover your needs.

Should I go out alone or with friends?                  

I know some guys who successful have been going out alone and hooked up with girls. But I will not recommend going out alone – at least not in the start of the night. Friends or wings are an important factor in terms of having fun and getting in ‘state’. Some may argue that you can easily have fun alone during a night out – yes you can – but you will have tons and tons of more fun and have shared experiences with your friends, you can talk about for years. If you don’t have any friends, then you can go to some pick-up-forum and find wings.

What I have had really good success doing is going out 3 good friends. A wolf pack of 3 or 4 guys is optimal. If you are only 2, and your friend finds a girl. Then you are all alone. If you are 3 or 4 persons, then you always have somebody to fall back on.

Should I drink or stay sober when I go out?

Staying sober will benefit you a lot more than drinking. But I personally prefer to drink, and have done it 95% of all the times I have been out in the nightlife. Alcohol and drinking are what the nightlife mainly are based on. There won’t be any nightlife if you took away the alcohol. I love to drink with my friends, have fun and do crazy shit. If you haven’t been drunk before it’s like a ‘drug’ to become more social, happy, outgoing, get more confidence and less approach anxiety.

It differs from culture to culture, but in the Scandinavian nightlife – where I have my roots – we like to start out at buddy’s place where we drink, have fun and get shitfaced before we go out. It’s called a pre party! It’s economical, compared to the high prices in the bars, and a good way to have fun and get in state with your friends.

Whereas you should drink or not are up to you, just remember to have fun! Best advice will be to stay sober.

When you’re at the club/bar and talking with girls

Forget all about that PUA scam shit, about setting the stage when you enter, and scanning the place for girls. Just go in and have fun, but don’t be fucking furniture – I see so many guys just standing, hanging, looking down in their phones and doing nothing except collecting dust like furniture. Go crazy on the dance floor, have fun with your friends or talk to some woman.

When it comes to talking to the girls, I can recall some 7 types of openers from the “mystery method” and “Magic bullets”. That’s a shitload of openers just to start a conversation with a girl, huh? All these openers are some PUA bullshit. Don’t analyze the situation and think of the best opener, just get the fuck in and talk to the girl. You can say whatever you like just as long you get a conversation going. You should also look for eye contact during the night and if a girl is staring you down, you should go and talk to her ASAP.

Where’s the best place to meet girls in the club? Is it in the bar, on the dance floor, the couches or in the smoking area? All the places are as good as the other, but I have noticed the smoking area to be a pretty good spot though. I usually don’t smoke, but it’s a very easy spot to get in to a conversation and smokers tend to be more social and talkative persons. If I should name the worst spot start a conversation, then it’s on the dance floor. Girls who are on the dance floor tend to be in a high-energy-state and only want to dance. If I spot a hot girl on the dance floor, I will usually wait until she’s done dancing and then I will go talk to her.

Talking to girls

While you are talking to girls, you should spot for signals and see if she is DTF (down to fuck). Screen her little ass and touch her a lot. I have wasted many hours talking to girls who, in the end, weren’t DTF. Be aware of those 15-minuts-going-no-where-girls! Within 10 minutes, you should be able to tell if she’s digging you or not – otherwise she will be wasting your time. A good way to tell if she’s DTF, is to go for the kiss.

Before you go for the kiss, be sure you have her isolated. Girls are 99% of the times out partying with their girlfriends, and it’s very rare to meet a girl who wants to kiss in front of her friends. Pull her away from her friends – it doesn’t have to be far away, just so she can’t see her friends. You can even do a ‘mini-isolate’ as the geeks call it, where you just turn her back to her friends, so she can’t see them. You can even isolate her to the dance floor, take a dance and kiss her.

This advice I’m going to give you now is one you better follow, because I have fucked it up many times and ruined my chance to fuck many DTF women: At one bar, don’t hit on everybody. Hit on only 2-3 girls, because the ones you already hit on and all the other potential girls to hit on, can easily see, when you creep on another girl. Be cautious where the girls, you have gotten numbers from or even kissed, are at the night club. If a girl you have kissed, sees you kiss another girl, then it’s over. Play your cards right and you can get ‘em all. If I’m going to creep on a girl, I’m making sure that, the ones I have already creeped on, are in the other side of the club.

Sealing the deal

Okay, you found a girl who is digging you. Now you want to seal the deal. What to do? Well first of all I expect you have made a plan for the logistics and you know where you want to take her. If you’re not fucking her in public and actually are taking her back home – keep in in mind that you still have to use “excuses” to bring her back home.

It can be something like: Let’s go and grab something to eat at my place, something to drink, that she has to see some pictures or that she have to see some other shit at your place. It can be everything in the world. Just have an excuse to get her back to your place. But some excuses works better, at different times than others. For example: You can’t use the “let’s go back and have something to eat” excuse at 01:00 o’clock. The girls want to party at that time, so invite them back to you place for drinks. The “eat” excuse is better to do later in the night or when clubs are closing.

If you want to fuck her in public, take her hand and simply tell her: “Let’s go on adventure” and then go to your spot. Kiss and escalate hard on her.

Another thing I have fucked up before is: “taking girls for granted”.  Yeah. Don’t leave things to coincidences. But what do I mean by that? Imagine you find a girl, you kiss her and she seems so DTF. You maybe even had your hands down her ass.  But then she says: “I’m just going to meet up with my friends for 5 minutes, and then I’m coming back to you”.  You let her go and then she never comes back because her friends made her change plans.

If you’re very close to sealing the deal, don’t take her for granted.  Follow her to whatever she has to do, and make sure you’re taking her home!

Part 3 – After the night out and other advice:

If you were ”lucky” enough to get a girl back home, I’ll guess you know what to do 😉 If you’re not fucking her in public and actually are taking her back home – keep in in mind that you still have to use “excuses” to bring her back home.  Sometimes I will have girls coming to a pre-party at my place, and before we go out I will tell them to leave all their stuff at my place. So then they will eventually have to come back to collect their stuff and I’m the only one who have to key to get in 😉

Remember to clean your place before you go out. It’s so embarrassing to have a girl come over and your place look like shit. You should even clean your place, even when your think you’re not getting any action tonight. Remember the power of the mindset 😉

If you use the “let’s go back to my place and have something to eat” excuse, it will be good if you have already some food ready to eat, before going out. Then you will save time and if you’re not bringing a girl home, you will love yourself the following day. Nobody wants to cook, when having hangovers 😉

Another good thing is to learn the bouncers, the bartenders and the other staff to know. They can make it so much easier for you. Get to the club early or stay late to talk to them. When they are busy, don’t interrupt them and don’t make it hard for them to help you.

Have a good time partying 😉

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