How To Break Last Minute Resistance

What is LMR – Last Minute Resistance?

Last minute resistance (LMR) is the resistance girls put up right before you have sex. She might say “No I can’t do this” or “No it’s too early”. She might take your hand away when you go for her pussy, or she might not let you take her pants off. Everyone who hits on girls and wants to get laid will experience last minute resistance.

Breaking LMR is important

Personally, I think a big part of my success in dating and my high lay count is due to the fact that I’m really good at breaking LMR and making girls having sex with me even though they put up some resistance.

Sealing the deal aka getting your dick inside her pussy is the most important step in seduction. You can open her the right way, text her the right way, talk to her the right way, escalate the right way…  But if you can’t CLOSE THE DEAL when you’re in bed with her… Does all the prior work matter? I mean.. Let’s just be honest. The sex is something we all want, regardless if we want a girlfriend or just some quick fun. If you would rather talk to her than have sex with her, you need to stop masturbating so much and find a hotter girl, haha. It is really important to know how to break through LMR.

Step 1 – Understand LMR

It is very important to understand why last minute resistance happens. To understand this, you must understand society’s sexual rules, women’s sexual behavior and the way the female brain works. This is what pickup artists call “the secret society”. I just call it basic knowledge of the world. This is some of the most important stuff to learn if you want to get good with women.

–          Girls love sex. They love it more than you.

–          Society expects girls to be “good girls”

–          Therefore, girls have to “act” innocent and non-sexual

–          If they act sexual too easily, society will judged them as sluts

–          Reputation means everything to a girl.

–          Therefore, she doesn’t dare to show her sexual side, until she trusts that she wont be judged.

Basically, if hit on a girl and hang out with her, she wants to have sex with you. That is why she has decided to meet with you and get on your bed (that is unless you have acted like her gay-friend for 2 years and tricked her back to your place with some weird excuse to polish her nails). So she wants to have sex. But the problem is – she is a girl. Girls are not “allowed” by society to have quick sex. Girls are expected to act like “good girls” and make it hard for you. Girls are expected to put up a lot of resistance. That’s part of their nature, part of being feminine and being a woman. They make you fight for it. That’s just how they are.

Understanding the sexual rules of our society is very important. It is a topic I could talk about for hours. This was just a quick summary. I will post a separate article and video about it soon.

Step 2 – Prevent LMR from happening

If you can prevent LMR from happening in the first place, you don’t have to break it. Smart huh? You prevent LMR in two ways:

Show your intentions

Screen her. Be direct. If you communicate that you are a sexual man right from the start, she knows what to expect when she meets with you. If she can feel your intentions, and she still decides to meet you, she has already “decided” to have sex with you. But if you play the safe mr. funny man pua gay-game, she will meet you because she honesty believes you “just want to drink coffee and talk about life”.. No wonder that she will be surprised by your sudden sexual advances, and will put up more resistance. By being direct and communicating your sexual intentions, the stuck-up girls that wants to wait 5 dates before having sex, wont even want to meet you. So you wont waste time on them. Perfect.

Oh and talking about how to show your intentions…

You communicate plenty of sexual intent just by STOPPING HER IN THE STREET IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FUCKING DAY. She knows why you are stopping her, and you even tell her “I noticed you..” or something like that. This is PLENTY of sexual intent. Dont be fooled by the PUA community, who wants you to believe you have to do SOO MUUUCH to get laid.
Touching neck, ears, jaw, at a girl you just met on the street is fucking creepy and weird. Very very few people can do this in a cool way. Stop overdoing.

Escalate fast

Escalate as fast as possible. Last minute resistance occurs when her logical brain begins to THINK about what she is about to do. Deep down she has a primal desire to fuck you. She wants sex. But the slower you escalate, the more time her logical brain has to consider if it is a good idea to sleep with the guy she just met on the street, and what her girlfriends will think about her. Therefore, I highly recommend you to always escalate as fast as possible. Read more about the importance of fast escalation in my Escalation Guide

Step 3 – How to break LMR when it happens

Most guys become angry when the girls puts up last minute resistance. I used to do so too, haha. Most guys become angry at the woman because they think she doesn’t want to sleep with him. This is NOT the right way to do it. This will just show her that you are a clueless fucking loser that doesn’t understand women and women’s sexual behaviors in our society. So never become angry.

The right way to handle Last minute resistance is be unaffected, to BE A MAN, and to BE PERSISTENT.

How to break LMR – Verbally

Never engage her logical brain. Never engage in a verbal discussion about her LMR. NEVER!!! If she tells you “no went can’t do this” just tell her “schhhh” and continue your physical escalation, or you can even just nod or verbally agree with her by saying “yeah you are right” and then continuing the physical escalation. Never engage her logical brain. You will find out why below.

How to break LMR – Physically

The most important thing is to PHYSICALLY ESCALATE and TURN HER ON, because the more turned on she is, the less her brain will “function”. Sounds rude, but honestly, the more you touch her pussy, the more wet and turned on she gets, she less her logical brain will think “if it’s a right thing to do” and the more her primal desires will take over. The goal is to get her over the point of no return, where her brain thinks “It really feels so good, I shouldn’t do this but it feels sooo goooood.. oh okay fuck it lets do it I cant resist my desires anymore”.

Don’t let yourself down and give up just because you get a little resistance. Keep trying. If she stops you or takes your hand away, just pause the physical escalation for 4-5 seconds, and then continue. Touch her pussy as much as possible and as quickly as possible. THE PUSSY IS THE KEY TO HER PUSSY. DO YOU UNDERSTAND???

How to break LMR – Mentally

Girls are also putting up last minute resistance just to see how you handle it, and girls are actually turned on by men that are persistent and fight for what they want and doesn’t give up easily. If you give up after experiencing just a little adversity, it tells the girl a lot about you as a person. It tells that you’re a fucking weak ass pussy, and girls don’t like weak ass pussies.

If I had given up every time I had experienced LMR, I wouldn’t have fucked HALF of the girls I’ve fucked. It almost always happens, its just part of the game, and you have to ACCEPT IT, ACKNOWLEDGE that being persistent and fighting to close it a part of the game. Just like in sales. If you were a salesman, you wouldn’t give up at the first objection from the customer either. Would you? If you would, you’re a fucking crappy salesman! Haha 😀

In the end it comes down to will power, and believing in the power of persistence. Know deep down, that if you keep persisting, you are going to be successful at some point. Know deep down, that when you are persisting you are actually doing it to give the girl what she really wants. It is your duty as a man to keep persisting until she can let herself go. If you do sales, you know that if you KEEP persisting through the objections, at some point you will close the deal.  It’s the same thing with last minute reistance. Sometimes its not there, sometime it takes 2 minutes to break, sometimes it takes fucking 2 hours and 20 repeated attempts before you get your hand down her pants. That’s just how it is. Accept it.

The key is just to keep trying. This is the experience of my successful friends too. At some point she will just be too horny and let go.

Break that LMR!!!

I hope this article will help you tackling LMR in the future. Thanks for reading my guide and let me know if you have any questions or comments below.

Then shut your computer down, go out there, hit on the girls, and CLOSE them. Put your big fat 8============D inside her. You know she wants it. If you don’t do it – someone else will. Trust me on that… 😉

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