All About Penis Enlargement & Lengthening Surgery

Does penis size really matter? It’s quite subjective, but society seems to have come up with the notion that having a bigger penis relates to being better in bed. And it might have some reality into it. The female sex organ is rich with nerve endings that when stimulated, leads to orgasm and satisfaction. Although most of the sexual nerves in the vagina are located in the clitoris, there are also nerve endings located inside and a penis with a nice girth and length can explore those parts and expose unknown sensations.

That is the reason why more and more men are trying to increase the size of their penises. There is a need to satisfy that machismo and enlarging their tools is one way of achieving that. One method that is somewhat controversial, expensive, and has many negative side effects is through surgery.

Penis Enlargement Surgery

The goal of this method is to increase the girth or thickness of the penis by an invasive medical procedure. There are various procedures that have been developed by surgeons who have specialized in penis enlargement. The earliest studies in penis enlargement through surgery were published in 2002. The procedure calls for grafting of the saphenous vein by making incisions in the tunica albuginea starting from the corpora’s apex through the crura and placing the vein grafts. Although there was no significant increase on the girth of the penis during the flaccid state using this method, circumference was greatly increased when the organ is erect.

An easier and more modern procedure in penis enlargement calls for injecting fat in the dartos layer. This method was popularized in 2006 by Panfilov and is one of the most employed procedure for this type of penile enhancement.

The fat comes from the patient’s thigh and is gathered through 2 to 3 millimeter incisions which are first applied with an adrenaline and xylocaine solution. The harvested fat is then injected back into the penis through 1 millimeter incisions at various positions. Kneading is needed to flatten or even out the fat injections.

Penis Lengthening Surgery

While some men are satisfied with just increasing the girth or thickness of their penises, some want to go further and increase the length as well. This is usually a more lengthy and dangerous procedure making it even more expensive than penis enlarging surgeries. The method consists of cutting suspensory ligaments starting with the superficial ones. If required, even the deep ligaments are cut partially. Although a 6.5 centimeter increase in length is possible, this procedure is not without side effects and possible errors which can lead to further complications.

How Much Does Penis Enlargement Surgery Cost?

Price range varies greatly from surgeon to surgeon, but average cost for enlargement procedures range from $1500 to $4000, while the cost for lengthening procedures is even higher at $5500 to $7500. If performed at the same time, the total cost could be cheaper but should still be above $8000.

Not For Everyone

Like other surgeries, penile enlargement or lengthening surgery may not be for everyone. Unlikely candidates include diabetic patients as the healing process is hampered by the complications of the disease. Some are also prone to developing keloid scars, which won’t look good if done on the male sex organ. Side effects on some patients may also outweigh the benefits.

Alternatives to Surgery

Surgery is not the only option available when a man wants to increase the size of his penis, both in length and girth. One popular and effective way is through penile enhancement exercises. When done correctly, penile exercises have been known to increase penis girth by up to 1.5 inches and the length by 2.1 inches. This is all achieved without going under the knife.

But penile exercises need to be done right in order to get the desired results. Unfortunately it’s easy to do it incorrectly that’s why most males see it as slow, ineffective, and sometimes even dangerous because of possible injuries. Books and videos are available in the market but experts say it’s always better to get help directly from the professionals.

Male Enhancement Coach

Just like gym instructors, those who desire a longer and thicker penis can get help from people who have been trained in various exercises and tools that are used in penile enhancement. One site offers personal, one on one coaching through their site. The site is called Male Enhancement Coach.

The site and its program has been featured on various media networks like CNN and MSNBC. They also have a list of satisfied customers’ testimonials proving the effectiveness of their methods. They have a total of 18 years of experience in guiding men achieve the penis size that they desire. With their guidance, customers are assured of a safe, effective, and natural way of enlarging and lengthening their penises.

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