2 Natural Techniques To Correct Penis Curve – You Can Do This At Home!

In this post I am going to show you 2 natural techniques to correct the penis curvature. If you are doing penis enhancement exercises like the jelqing, it will be easy and convenient to introduce this natural techniques to correct the penis curvature.

Video: 2 Natural Techniques To Correct Penis Curve 


I haven´t invented these exercises, I found these techniques in the DVD of Mike Salvini, and I have been doing them now for a while. My curvature has been drastically reduced.

However for me the best way to cure the penis curvature or even peyronie disease, is by using an extender and a strap as I show in the following video:


Video: How To Straighten A Curved Penis – Treatment For Peyronie´s Disease



Penis extenders are really uncomfortable, but if your are uncut, you can be happy because using the VLC with an extender is very comfortable.

Equipment I am using in the video above:


VLC Tugger + Strap (You can get both in this site):

SizeGenetics Extender:


To correct your penis curvature I recommend using the extender 6-8 hours, 4-5 times a week

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