The 10 BEST Sexual Positions (and tips!)

In this article which we’ll be going through the ten best sexual positions and help you spice up your (hopefully) active sex life together.


The most important thing to understand when it comes to sexual positions is that there are really only 3 versions:

  1. Man on top
  2. Woman on top
  3. Sideways
  4. Fellatio & Cunnilungus

Anything else is basically just a variation on one of these three basic positions no matter how you look at it.


Personally, I’m not a big fan of doing lots of kama-sutra super complicated positions. Those are generally best kept to try and refine with your spouse or long-time lover, not someone you see every now and then or with a girl you know you’re spending just 1 night with.


The reason for this is simple: very ‘complex’ positions usually mean fumbling, and rarely result in any good momentum. Thus, my Elite Men, I present to you, the 10 best positions based on intimacy, roughness, dominance, and feasability (so to say..)

  1. Rear Entry


Rear Entry is basically doggystyle except you both lie down. The great thing about Rear Entry is that it allows you to go rough even if your stamina is mediocre at best.


Tips: whisper dirty things in her ear, bite her earlobes, scratch her back, hold her in a choke lock


  1. The Jockey

The Jockey is a fun twist on Rear Entry where you keep your feet outward. It allows for very fast thrusting and is an amazing position to try some anal (if you are both into that). What I personally like is that it helps you hit her G-spot extremely well.


Tips: use this one for anal sex, grab her boobs, bite her neck, pull her hair

  1. Missionairy

I’m officially reclaiming the Missionairy. Unlike popular belief, missionairy can be an incredibly satisfying (and even dominant) position. It’s particularly well-suited for men that have problems lasting longer and it’s very easy to switch to a lot of different positions right after.


Tips: place a pillow below her pelvis to go deeper,lock eyes and go slow, choke her (CAREFULLY) while going really hard, grab her hands


  1. The Vienesse Oyster


Guess what? Women are a lot more flexible than you often think. This is a position that will make her feel quite vulnerable which makes it particularly powerful when you either want to truly dominate her OR connect and go for some slow sex. Keep in mind that the closer her legs are together the more intense the sensations for both of you will be.


Tips: maintain eye contact, don’t lean on her with your entire body


  1. The Folded Deckchair


Again, it’s basically a variation on the default missionairy but truly awesome. It allows for some truly rough pounding and she’ll be screaming it out in no time. What I like to do is often go from this position to one where I have only 1 leg over my shoulder. Either version allows for some rough handling and deep penetration.


Tips: put 1 leg over your shoulder instead of two, have her cross her legs , slap her ass


6. Doggystyle


Ah, the old classic. What more could possibly be said about Doggystyle? Well, not much, except that keeping your legs inward instead of outward often helps going deeper (especially if she is a big girl) and that it’s truly a position where you need to handle her rough.


Tips: drive her crazy by going in just a little bit repeatedly until she wants it all, pull her hair, slap her ass (with a leather belt), make her look you right in the eyes.


7. Scissors


Scissors is a nice position when you want to catch breath but keep going. It’s a more ‘romantic’ position meaning going slower is usually better (at least, that’s what I found). It’s very easy to switch from any missionairy position into scissors and back so you can keep going on with the sexy times.


Tips: hold her hand, cup her one of her breasts


8. Woman On Top


With the Woman On Top you’ll get to give her a chance to ride herself to completion while you can play with her tits, slap her ass or kiss her passionately. Once she gets tired you can take over control by pulling her in tight, placing your feet on the bed and start pounding her hard.


Tips: let the girl get tired and then take over control, hold her hips, grab her boobs, kiss her passionately


9. Throat Swab


Throat Swab is simply the best position to go for some deep throating. It will be much easier for the girl to take you deeper and it’s a very dominant position to do as a guy. I personally love this position and almost always do it because it’s so hot and dirty.


Tips: let her control the pace at first, once she is used to you going in all the way, start fucking her mouth as you see fit


10. Sit On My Face


Though the default cunnilungus position is great, the Sit On My Face version helps you get a better understanding of what she likes in terms of pace, movement and pressure. Therefore, it’s a great position to observe what she likes. In addition, because eating her out while lying down often feels too intimate for most girls, this helps her feel less ‘open’ and more in control – which all women like at times.


Tips: observe and let her do the work


So there you have it, the 10 BEST sexual positions for all Elite Men to try out. You might already be familiar with most and if you are, great, but try out some of the tips for each position and let me know how it went (trust me, they really help).


I often get a lot of questions from guys relating to sexual positions and there are a couple I want to adress before closing off.


Do I Need To Do Super Complicated Positions?

NO. This is a HUGE misconception and one I personally had a lot of problems with when I was a bit younger. I thought I had to imitate Circe De Soleil with every girl I was with. Rather, the opposite is true.


Keep it simple. Like Bruce Lee once said: “I do not fear the man who knows 10,000 different kicks but the man who has practice one kick 10,000 times”.


How Many Positions Do I Need To Do?

One of the key ingredients to a hot night is switching it up. That usually means switching just when you get things going. HOWEVER, nothing is set in stone. If you feel like only doing her in Missionairy versions for example, then do that.


What is important to know is that especially with ONS switching things up faster usually goes a long way. Unfortunately sticking to just one or two positions for the entire session will leave the impression that you are unimaginative in the sack – a big nono.


Should I Always Be Dominant?



Though dominance is advocated on this site and 99,99% of all women LOVE it there is no reason to stay away from face to face positions or eating her out just because you feel it’s not ‘dominant’ enough. Let her control the pace every now and then and make her feel like your dirty little cowgirl every now and then.


I Often Lose My Erections When Switching Positions – Any Tips?

This happens a lot. It’s normal and absolutely no big deal. Because of different genetics, some guys will lose their erections much faster if they are on top than others – or vice versa.


Either way, it doesn’t matter. The best way to combat this is by preparing up front (e.g. Using a cockring) and have her suck you between each position.


All in all, I hope to get some nice input from you guys (and lovely ladies) on what you think are some amazing positions. I’m always in to try out new things.


All in all, I hope to get some nice input from you guys (and lovely ladies) on what you think are some amazing positions. I’m always in to try out new things.

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