The #1 Most Common Mistake For Getting Laid

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There’s one single thing, that you can do to get laid WAY more. One single line. One single fucking question. For several years, I did this mistake in the nightlife – and the day I realized it, I got laid twice. In one night. Do yourself a favor and read this post, because it is probably the most important thing I have ever written.

The Crucial Question That Most Guys Forget To Ask

I was just talking to some of my private clients on Skype, and one of them told me that he wanted to fuck 4 girls per month. This is realistic with the right amount of effort – so I asked him how many girls he had asked to hang out this month. “5” he told me.

This explained everything. If you want to fuck 4 new girls per month you can’t only ask 5!

We can all agree, that if you want to get laid, you need to ask girls to hang out. Except for rare cases, they don’t ask themselves. Therefore, you MUST give girls the opportunity to let you insert your penis into their vagina, you know. It’s not gonna happen magically.

This is a problem that I see with a lot of guys. They want to get laid more, but complain that it’s too hard or whatever. But when you ask them “How many girls did you ask this month, to hang out?” they get silent. Sometimes it’s zero. In most of the cases, it can be counted on one hand. And the fact is – even if you ask 5 girls to hang out, 2 of them will be sexually unavailable, one will have a boyfriend, and so on. You’re maximum – MAXIMUM – gonna fuck like 2 of them – and that’s just life.

Don’t EVER complain about lack of girls if you don’t even give them the opportunity.

I Was Doing This Mistake Myself For 2 Years!

Actually, I must admit that I was committing this mistake myself for a long time. When I started going out in the nightlife, back in the days (17). I went out SOOOO many times in the nightlife, where I kissed girls, got their numbers and stuff like that, but I never took them home and I couldn’t understand it. Why didn’t I get laid? Why did I never get a girl home with me? It happened very rarely and it frustrated and confused me.

Then, like 2 years ago, I realized what I had been doing wrong: I had almost never asked the girls “Hey lets go back to my place” or “Hey lets go grab some food” or “Hey lets go make an after party” or “Hey let’s get the fuck out of here”. I had never even given them the fucking OPPORTUNITY – but still I had been wondering why I never got a girl home. HAHAHA. Some of my friends had the same problem back then, and we couldn’t figure it out. But now it makes total sense – we didn’t ASK. And you know what’s gonna happen if you don’t ask? You’re not gonna get it.

If you want to fuck girls, you need to ask them to hang out first. And if you want to fuck many girls, you need to ask many girls to hang out. Back in the days when I fucked 70+ girls per year, I also asked girls to hang out a lot. Probably 1 or 2 EVERY DAY. Some from my phone, some from when I used facebook, some in the nightlife, etc. As I told the guys on Skype, when we talked about what to do with numbers: “She’s not gonna jump out from under your bed and yell “hey, I’m here, lets fuck””

You’re the man. You have to give her the opportunity. She can take it if she wants, or she can decline, that’s just the way it is. If you want to get laid more, you must ask more girls. Give yourself and the girl the possibility of hooking up, by asking her to to hang out. And the more girls you ask, the more you’re gonna get laid, that’s one thing that’s certain.

The Difference It Made To Me

For instance, let me tell you what happened when I realized that my lack of results in the nightlife was because I never asked girls to come home with me. I decided to change my way of doing things, and to start asking girls to come home with me. I remember SO clearly the day it dawned to me, and I remember, before going out that day, that I decided: “Today, I am going to ask 5-10 girls to come with me”.

I don’t think I even reached 5, before I had some girl from the club sucking my dick and licking my ass. And I actually remember that I went back to club again after that, because it was only 1 or 2am, and I kept talking to some girls and told them I wanted to take them home and 2 hours later I took another girl home – it was fuckin ridiculous!

The next time I went out again, the same thing happened. 2 girls in one night.

It proves so clearly, that my product, myself, my looks, my everything, was alright. All I was doing wrong before was that I wasn’t asking the crucial question. I wasn’t asking them to come home with me; I wasn’t giving them my CLOSING LINE.

Are You a Texter, a Talker Or a Fucker?

Remember to ask for the close guys, that’s all that matters. You can text with as many girls as you want, you can talk to as many girls as you want, and get as many numbers and kisses as you want. You can do whatever, but if you don’t ask for the close, if you don’t ask her “Hey lets hang out this or that day, which suits you best” or if you don’t ask “Hey let’s get out of this club” or tell her “Let’s go on an adventure” or “Let’s go back to my place” – it’s not gonna happen. So start asking for the close more often, and you’ll be blown and blown away!

Seriously, I don’t know why I haven’t made this article before! This is fucking CRUCIAL and its one of the things that made the biggest difference to me in regards to getting laid. Just like when texting girls, where I advice to ask for the close within 10 messages. Ask for the close more often – also before you think she’s “ready”. You’ll be surprised at the results – I’ll let them speak for themselves.


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